15 Most Dangerous Food Destinations

15 Most Dangerous Food Destinations
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A high murder rate, common kidnappings, and violent riots are probably not things that anyone wishes to see at the top of a travel description. But what if you were to find out that along with the potential risk of danger, these destinations could provide you with exceptional local eats? Could the quest for finding new culinary adventures make you overcome the fear of hazardous situations?

The unfortunate truth is that places with some of the most breathtakingly beautiful landscapes, historic sights, and — yes— exceptional food specialties have become shadowed by political unrest and street violence. But the adventurous traveler, those with incurable desires to go off the beaten path, who brave danger to seek truths, fight for justice, or just thrill-seek — will usually be the first to tell you that their culinary discoveries, be they roadside stands or meals shared by those less fortunate, are often better, or at least more memorable than any five-star experience you could pay for at home. Clearly, the right use of caution is essential, and nobody is suggesting you risk personal safety for food, or take lightly the political, social, military, and economic issues and natural disasters being faced in "danger zones." But should you be curious, or find yourself in one of these places, consider that you just may find yourself stumbling across if not the best, perhaps some of the most underrated food in the world.

The numerous delicacies that await the daring traveler include anything from dinner at a restaurant recently voted as the sixth-best in the world to a local sandwich specialty stuffed with french fries, and exceptional mezze. You might also find yourself tasting locally produced wine in the most unexpected of places, or hot chocolate with melted cheese (yes, really).

In order to find a solution to the dilemma of "to go or not to go," we decided to dig deeper into the facts and figures on the safety of some of the world's most dangerous but gastronomically alluring places. To compile our list of the 15 most dangerous food destinations, we used reports from the U.S. State Department as our main source, and advise anybody planning to visit a destination in these "culinary danger zones" to always look out for the most recent warnings and advisories before your trip.

Check out the slideshow above for the 15 most dangerous destinations for foodies.

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