15 Food and Drink Slogans You'll Never Forget

15 Food and Drink Slogans You’ll Never Forget
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15 Food and Drink Slogans You'll Never Forget

These slogans are simply legendary.

Frosted Flakes

“They’re Grrrrrreat!”

Image Credit: Flickr/ Mike Mozart


“It’s the real thing.”

Image Credit: flickr/ voodooangel


“The best part of waking up is Folgers in your cup.”

Image Credit: Flickr/ green koz

Sara Lee

“Nobody doesn’t like Sara Lee!”

Image Credit: Flickr/ Robyn Lee


“What would you do for a Klondike Bar?”

Image Credit: Flickr/ clemsonunivlibrary


“Breakfast of Champions.”

Image Credit: Flickr/ Angle Moon

Maxwell House Coffee

“Good to the Last Drop.”

Image Credit: Flickr/ Sarah Gilbert

National Livestock and Meat Board

“Beef: it’s what’s for dinner.”

Image Credit: Flickr/ whizchickenonabun


“Melts in your mouth, not in your hands.”

Image Credit: Flickr/ javasport

National Pork Board

“Pork: The other white meat.”

Image Credit: Flickr/ Robin


“With a name like Smuckers, it has to be good!”

Image Credit: Flickr/ itsbooyer


“There’s always room for Jell-O.”

Image Credit: Flickr/ Eugene Peretz

The California Milk Processor Board

“Got Milk?”

Image Credit: Flickr/ Mykl Roventine

Egg-o Waffles

“Leggo my Egg-o!”

Image Credit: Flickr/ Marcus Jeffrey

Dr. Pepper

“Be a pepper.”

Image Credit: Flickr/ Zach Frailey


Unless you live in a house in the middle of nowhere with no outside contact, you've encountered a food product's slogan in one form or another, and it has most likely permeated your mind in more ways than you think. We've assembled 15 of the most memorable food slogans in history, and from Folgers to Frosted Flakes, we'll bet that you'll never forget them.

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Slogans are an essential part of any marketing or advertising campaign. Having a spokesman stand in front of a camera and talk about why a product tastes great is all well and good, but having an animated tiger named Tony tell you that "They're Grrrrrreat!" is what sells the product.

Slogans come in many forms, but the ones that stick succeed on several levels: they're short and snappy, they somehow define what the product is, and most importantly, they know their audience. Is the target audience a kid? Then a cartoon character with a snappy catchphrase is the way to go. Is it a mom deciding what to cook for dinner? Then how about "Beef: It's what's for dinner." Is someone looking to eat healthy? Then try Wheaties, "The Breakfast of Champions."

Without slogans and all the accompanying marketing, packaging and advertising, our impressions of foods would most likely be very different. There isn't much that is exciting about a plain old frozen waffle, but once you see commercials with other kids going nuts and shouting "Leggo my Egg-o!" to their waffle-thieving siblings, they begin to look pretty tempting. And once you learn the extent to which a fictional person would go to secure a block of chocolate-covered vanilla ice cream, you begin to wonder what you would do for a Klondike Bar (most likely just reaching into the freezer case for them the next time you're in the supermarket).

So read on to revisit some of the most memorable food and drink product slogans in history, and keep in mind that at the end of the day, packaged food is just food in a box and in many cases it's the packaging, marketing, advertising and the slogan that sells it.

Check out the slideshow above for 15 unforgettable food and drink slogans.

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