13 Fast-Food Themed Party Menus

13 Fast-Food Themed Party Menus
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13 Fast-Food Themed Party Menus

Easter: Dunkin' Donuts
Whether you're serving Easter brunch for a small group or for a crowd, Dunkin' Donuts has all the food you need for your morning holiday. Instead of serving the traditional sliced ham and frittatas, serve a platter of Veggie Egg White Flatbreads and Ham Egg and Cheese Breakfast Sandwiches.

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Super Bowl Sunday: Pizza Hut
In order to spend more time in front of the TV, there are shortcuts that can win you points at your Super Bowl get-together.

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Birthday Party: Burger King
Keep your birthday menu simple and include a platter of finger foods such as Burger King's chicken strips and french fries.

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Cocktail Party: White Castle
For the busy host, serving up a bunch of specialty cocktails and hors doeuvres can be stressful and time-consuming. If you're looking for a one- or two-bite appetizer, grab a couple of Crave Cases from White Castle, which come with 30 beef sliders in a convenient carrying case.

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Wedding: Arby's
Instead of spending your entire wedding reception budget on the food, consider having a fun and creative spread of affordable Arby’s foods. Keep it wedding-centric by serving curly fries and onion rings to represent a ring theme.

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Valentine's Day: Starbucks
Love whether in your life its exciting and new, endless, or nonexistent, Valentines Day deserves a party. Celebrate with friends and loved ones with Valentines Day inspired foods from Starbucks.

Credit: Flickr/Like_the_Grand_Canyon

Mardi Gras: Popeyes
Celebrating Mardi Gras is not restricted to those living in New Orleans. Jazz up your Mardi Gras celebration with a menu of Cajun and Creole favorites from your local Popeyes.

Credit: Flickr/JasonLam

St. Patrick's Day: McDonald's
Throwing an Irish-themed party, especially on St. Patricks Day, means going green. You can do this by serving McDonald's seasonal, mint-flavored Shamrock Shake.

Credit: Flickr/SporkWrapper

Cinco de Mayo: Taco Bell
Toast Mexican culture with a festive Cinco de Mayo party. Go loco and serve up a sampling of everyones favorite Mexican bites, including Taco Bell Doritos Locos tacos, seven-layer burritos, cheesy nachos, and black beans with rice. Make margaritas from their Original Limeade Coolers for a boozy treat.

Credit: Flickr/theimpulsivebuy

Independence Day: KFC
Pull out that checkered tablecloth and celebrate The Fourth of July with the best of all-American foods. Thanks to KFCs Kentucky Grilled Chicken, you can sacrifice the outdoor grill without losing the fresh off-the-grill taste.

Credit: Flickr/theimpulsivebuy

Thanksgiving: Boston Market
Does the thought of preparing a Thanksgiving dinner for your family get your palms sweating? Have no fear, because Boston Market will do all your Thanksgiving Day cooking for you.

Credit: Flickr/TimR

Halloween: Sonic Drive-In
Add bite to the spooky season with frightfully tasty party foods from Sonic Drive-In. Instead of bobbing for apples, make the fruit more accessible and serve Sonics apple slices with fat-free caramel dipping sauce.

Credit: Flickr/KB35

New Year's Day: Subway
In a 2008 report by National Public Radio, clinical psychologist John Norcross estimated that about 50 percent of all adults make a New Year's resolution, and the most common of those resolutions have to do with developing better eating habits and becoming more fit.

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It's party day and you've invited your closest friends, all of your family, co-workers, and their kids over for a celebration. To save time, you want to pull together a quick buffet that will be sure to please your guests. Here at The Daily Meal, we're all about quick yet creative and satisfying menus. So we've done the leg work for you and have come up with 13 festive and seasonal fast-food themed menus for all of your holiday parties, from Cinco de Mayo to Super Bowl Sunday.

Check out these 13 Fast-Food Themed Party Menus

While some hosts may enjoy spending hours preparing extravagant menus for their parties, others wouldn't mind celebrating a special occasion with some of their favorite fast-food staples. Hosting a St. Patrick's Day party? Go with a green-themed menu and serve McDonald's famous Shamrock Shake. Or if you're hosting a Thanksgiving dinner, perhaps it's easiest to pick up roasted turkey and signature sides from Boston Market.

These menus may not require you to slave away in the kitchen all day, but they're sure to have your guests leaving with happy stomachs. So when party day comes, let us help you host a themed dinner party with none of the stress and all of the flavor.

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