12 Secrets To Eating Out Like a Pro, According to Adam Richman

12 Secrets To Eating Out Like a Pro, According to Adam Richman
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12 Secrets To Eating Out Like a Pro, According to Adam Richman

Learn what Adam Richman says you should never do to a server.

1. "Always have hand sanitizer."

When soap and water is not available, hand sanitizer can help clean hands and kill germs.

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2. "Always have extra napkins on hand - or even a wet wipe."

It never hurts to be prepared for a messy meal.

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3. "Order dishes that feature the most seasonal ingredients."

To help you figure out what ingredients to look for on the menu, Adam advises "[paying] attention to what's in season in the region you are dining."

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4. "At the bar, always tip a buck a drink."

Servers and bartenders depend on tips to make up part of their pay, and tipping at least $1 per drink is well-appreciated.

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5. "If you find yourself attracted to your server, never communicate this during the course of a meal."

"It will just get really awkward for everybody," he elaborates. "It is best to plant a seed, and return on another occasion."

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6. You don't have to stick to the rules when ordering wine.

"Though everybody adheres to the rule: white with chicken and fish and red with meat, I always go for a Willamette Valley Pinot Noir from Oregon," Adam admits. "I think you can too."

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7. When traveling, leave the touristy spots to the tourists.

"If traveling, make sure you leave the hub of the most tourist heavy district. It is extraordinarily hard to find anything authentic, lasting, or local in these areas," Adam tells us.

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8. Order the signature dish

"If you've never been to a place, and they are known for that dish, order it - but don't be afraid to try something else just in case that is not to your liking," says Adam. "I always try to go with someone so that we can order different dishes that interest us and share."

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9. "Be polite to your server."

Table manners, like saying please when asking for something and thank you after the table's been cleared, can make dining a more pleasant experience for everybody.

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10. Keep the bathroom clean.

"This one is just for the guys: lift the seat before you go, put it down when you are done, and for Pete's sake learn how to aim!" Adam insists.

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11. If trying a local or regional delicacy, don't overuse condiments.

Adam warns that this is true "especially if [the dish] is of a particular ethnic variety." He explains, "Not only do you rob yourself of the experience of the real flavor of the dish, a chef observing may take offense."

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12. "Don't be afraid of the places with shabby decor and minimal signage."

We'd normally be wary of dining somewhere that looks in need of a interior design facelift, but Adam says we should feel just the opposite. "If they have been in business for a while, in many cases, they are investing in their food and preparation and not in aesthetics," he reveals.

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Adam Richman, host of the new Travel Channel television show Fandemonium and of Man v. Food fame, has made a career out of traveling across the nation and sampling new foods and restaurants in order to explore the culinary landscape.

With all that eating out, he's naturally learned quite a few tips and tricks to perfecting the dining experience, so we asked him to share his wealth of knowledge. From taking on cuisine in other countries to table etiquette, Adam Richman reveals his best tips for better dining.

Check out the slideshow above to find out Adam's 12 secrets to eating out like a pro.

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