12 Best Canning Recipes for Jams and Jellies

Preserving and canning is the perfect way to make your harvest last throughout the year.

Canning is a food preservation method that uses boiling water or steam to heat food in jars, destroying microorganisms and creating a vacuum seal. The air-tight container allows you to store food at room temperature for long periods of time.

Canning at home can save money and lead to much tastier results than store-bought preserved products. You can get creative with canning, by preserving whole fruits like apricots and tomatoes or storing homemade jams and jellies, and the results are always delicious!

Check out the slideshow above to discover our 12 best recipes for jams and jellies.

Also, check out Sam Talbot's Modern Antipasti to learn a fun way to use a different type of "preserves": pickled vegetables!

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