11 Times a Chicken Breast Will Save the Day

By Maria Russo

The food you love to hate, chicken breasts often get a bad rap: On their own and without any seasoning, they can be bland, and if they're boneless and skinless, then they turn from moist to dry in a matter of moments when cooking. But if cooked properly (as in, not scorched beyond oblivion) and flavored, even with just salt and pepper, the go-to chicken breast can save many a day in the kitchen. This culinary workhorse is a blank canvas that you can dress up with nearly any ingredients (think Italian, Asian, French and Mexican profiles, among others) for breakfast, lunch and dinner; plus, it's an inexpensive cut of meat that the whole family will enjoy. You can count on that. Below, in no particular order, are 11 times you'll realize the humble chicken breast is your best friend in the refrigerator.

Check out the slideshow above to learn 11 times chicken will save the day.

This article originally appeared on Food Network: 11 Times a Chicken Breast Will Save the Day.

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