11 Nutritious, Kid-Friendly Finger Foods

11 Nutritious, Kid-Friendly Finger Foods
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11 Nutritious, Kid-Friendly Finger Foods

Frozen Grape and Banana Skewers
The one and only Ellie Krieger, host of the popular show Healthy Appetite on Food Network and the Cooking Channel, offers up these tasty frozen treats that are just as fun to make as they are to eat. Plus, they're a good source of fiber, vitamin B6, copper, manganese, and potassium, and an excellent source of vitamin C.

Credit: California Table Grapes Commission

Cranberry Strawberry Breakfast Bars
Try these very berry breakfast bars from Christie Korth. They're great for breakfast on the go or a quick snack in between meals. Korth is a nutrition expert for Dr. Oz's Sharecare.com.

Credit: Angelica Korth

Baked Chicken Nuggets
Heather Steele, who is the Guilty Mama, says that these chicken nuggets are so good, your kids will think they came from a drive-thru. But the beauty is, these will actually contain all chicken.

Credit: Heather Steele

Mango Tango Tortillas

Laura Cipullo, nutritionist and author of the blog Mom Dishes It Out, serves up these easy mango-provolone quesadillas whenever she needs to whip up a quick and easy snack for the kids.

Credit: Laura Cipullo

Meatballs on a Stick
There's nothing like meat on a stick to get people running into the kitchen. And these meatballs from nutritionist Laura Cipullo are made from lean turkey breast, which helps turn this usual calorie fest into something a bit healthier.

Credit: Laura Cipullo

Sweet Potato Crisps
Vandana Sheth, registered dietitian and representative for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, suggests making these sweet potato crisps as a healthy and fiber-filled snack for kids (and adults, too). We'll bet you won't be able to eat just one.

Credit: Vandana Sheth

Grape and Ricotta Pita Pizzas
Ellie Krieger gets creative with these "pizzas" made from whole-wheat pita rounds. This recipe is great for getting kids involved in the kitchen; they can help pick the grapes and put the toppings on. Plus, these "pizzas" are just 200 calories each and are a good source of protein and phosphorus.

Credit: California Table Grapes Commission

Oven-Baked Steak Fingers
Here's something for those craving something a little bit on the heartier side. These crunchy snacks are sure to hit the spot.

Credit: Heather Steele

Sweet Potato Tater Tots
Here's a healthy alternative to the popular frozen snack food. Have the kids get involved with shaping the tots for a fun family activity.

Credit: Heather Steele

Grape, Cheddar, and Jicama Skewers
These fun-to-eat snacks are a good source of fiber and vitamin A, and an excellent source of protein, vitamin C, and calcium. A little cilantro-lime dipping sauce jazzes things up.

Credit: California Table Grapes Commission

Apple Wedge Dessert
No roundup is complete without dessert at the end! Amy Roskelley, author of the blog Super Healthy Kids, offers up this satisfying dessert that won't bog you down.

Credit: Amy Roskelley


Having trouble figuring out just what to feed tiny Tim when he comes over with his friends? Busy parents have all been there — the kids, as usual, are stark-raving hungry after a long day, and they want to eat — now. And it's all too easy to pop into a drive-thru and order a few kids' meals (or if they're not so tiny, a few combos), or open up a bag of tortilla chips and a jar of salsa and call it mission accomplished.

11 Nutritious, Kid-Friendly Finger Foods

Only, this time, you're determined that things will be different. You refuse to bow before the combined might and tyranny of the fast-food industry and the processed snack food conglomerates. Childhood obesity, after all, has become a huge problem — the number of cases has tripled over the past 30 years, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Moreover, their latest Youth Risk Behavior Survey indicates that 13 percent of U.S. high school students were considered obese last year, with a body mass index greater than the 95th percentile. Clearly, it's time to nip the problem in the bud by marching back into the kitchen and serving some real food for a change.

But what can you make that won't immediately make them turn up their noses at your efforts? It's tough to come up with snacks that are nutritious without seeming awfully healthy. Because if they look and taste healthy, chances are, they won't eat it.

That's where we've stepped in to help out a little bit. We polled a few nutritionists and bloggers for some great-tasting recipes that will help you sneak something healthy into the kids' diet without them catching a clue. Plus, we think they're a great way to get them more involved in their kitchen.

Lauren Schmitt, a registered dietitian and certified personal trainer, says that "kids will like fruits and vegetables more if they're involved in the cooking process." With a lot of spare time on their hands, summer is a great time to get them to help out with things like washing produce, measuring ingredients, and tossing salads.

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