10 Ways to Use Dates for Ramadan

10 Ways to Use Dates for Ramadan
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10 Ways to Use Dates for Ramadan

Read on for great date recipes for Ramadan.

Almond Stuffed Date Balls

These date balls are the perfect sweet treat for Ramadan. They also happen to be vegan, gluten-free and paleo-friendy.

Image Credit: Pinterest via Global Table Adventure

Middle Eastern Date-Filled Cookies

Ma'amoul is a delicious date-filled cookie. Ma'amoul means "stuffed."

Image Credit: Pinterest via Tasty Kitchen

Fig and Date Swirls

These delicious cookies are like a grown-up version of Fig Newtons you can make yourself.

Image Credit: Pinterest via Lottie + Doof

Dates Filled with Nuts and Sar Shir

In this recipe, dates are filled with nuts and a Persian-style cream called sarshir. They're a great bite-sized treat!

Image Credit: Pinterest via The Spice Spoon

Ricotta Date Waffles

You can liven up waffles by topping them with chopped dates and ricotta cheese.

Image Credit: Pinterest via Macheesmo

Date-Walnut Loaf Cakes

This loaf is like a Middle Eastern style gingerbread and is great for Ramadan.

Image Credit: Pinterest via An Edible Mosaic

Chocolate Covered and Walnut Stuffed Dates

Chocolate-covered dates are a simple and delicious treat to have around for the month.

Image Credit: Pinterest via Pop Sugar

Vegan Almond Date Chocolate Truffles

These raw truffles are easy to make.

Image Credit: Pinterest via The Urban Baker

Chocolate, Date and Chia Seed Pudding

This simple and sweet pudding contains bananas and is vegan and gluten-free.

Image Credit: Pinterest via Jules Fuel

Ramadan Date Jars

These fun date jars are the perfect festive DIY gift you can give others who are celebrating Ramadan.

Image Credit: Pinterest via Modern Muslim Home


You may not realize it, but dates are a staple fruit of the Middle East, and have been enjoyed there for thousands of years. Dates also happen to be an ideal fruit for Ramadan, when Muslims across the globe fast from sunrise to sunset for one month.

Muhammad was said to have broken his fast with dates, which could explain today's tradition of doing the same. It's a good thing the sweet fruit is so versatile and delicious in a number of recipes! Plus, dates are a good source of fiber, sugar, potassium and carbohydrates, all of which are important while fasting. We've rounded up just a few of the great date recipes we've come across.

Check out the slideshow above for 10 ways to use dates during Ramadan.

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