10 Tips for a Foolproof Thanksgiving Dinner from Alex Guarnaschelli

As executive chef of New York City's Butter Restaurant (and a crowned Iron Chef), Alex Guarnaschelli knows a thing or two about working her way around the kitchen efficiently. So it should come as no surprise that when we asked Alex if she has any great tips for planning one of the biggest meals of the year, she gave us plenty of fabulous advice.

From the "trifecta" of must-have Thanksgiving dishes to what you should and shouldn't put in the oven on the big day, Alex revealed her best tips for making the holiday one to remember.

Check out the slideshow above for Alex Guarnaschelli's 10 best tips for a foolproof Thanksgiving dinner. Then, discover 10 things you didn't know about the chef, her favorite Thanksgiving traditions and her secrets to being a great home cook!