10 Things You Didn't Know About Haylie Duff

10 Things You Didn't Know About Haylie Duff
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10 Things You Didn't Know About Haylie Duff

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Her Wedding Menu

Haylie recently got engaged to entrepreneur Matt Rosenberg, and the couple is in the early stages of discussing the wedding menu. "He loves dessert so I think we are probably going to have some kind of fun dessert bar." They are debating between having a multiple course affair, southern-style barbecue or an Italian feast.

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Starting Her Blog

"Funny enough, I was in the middle of shooting something when I made my first blog post," Haylie explains. "I made these turkey meatballs and I was so proud of myself." She was so pleased with her dish that she wanted to post it online.

"I found Blogspot, made a blog and took a photo on my iPhone, which was like the worst photo ever. I posted it and then the rest was history. I started writing for HelloGiggles and The Huffington Post and then an agent out of New York found my blog and helped me turn it into a book."

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Go-To Guilty Pleasure Food

"I’m a serious sucker for anything truffle, so maybe a truffle mac and cheese. That is really naughty. I love naughty sushi too, like baked crab hand rolls or crispy rice spicy tuna, things like that," Haylie reveals.

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Favorite Food Trend

"I love kale, which is very trendy right now. Everywhere you go, every restaurant has a kale salad," says Haylie, who is very particular about her kale salads. "I definitely have my favorite kale salads around town."

She's also a fan of trendy veggies like turmeric cauliflower and Brussels sprouts. "I just had amazing amazing cauliflower broccoli, a little combo dish, at a new restaurant that’s called Smoke, Oil, Salt in L.A."

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Best Thing She's Tasted

"Some of the best food I’ve had is from Chef Ludo’s restaurant Trois Mec [in Los Angeles]. It is done by tickets. You have to know when the tickets are going on sale and you have to get online and hope you get one of them. He does some of the most inventive food that I’ve ever had just like beautiful, multiple textures per dish." Haylie says.

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Best Cooking Advice

"I think most of my cooking advice came from my mom," Haylie recalls. "I just remember her telling me, 'Look, there is no pressure. If you mess something up, you mess something up. What is the big deal?' That has sort of always stuck with me."

"She also told me to know how to make a good roasted chicken. A good roasted chicken can get you through anything. The first time I cooked for my now fiance and his family, I made roasted chicken." says Haylie.

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Earliest Food Memory

"My mom cooked every night for us. We sat down at the table as a family in the evenings. Only when I was an adult did I realize that everybody didn’t eat like that," says Haylie.

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Getting Into Acting

"It is funny because it didn’t seem abnormal to us at the time, but looking back it is sort of bizarre that as kids [Hilary and I] were asking my mom to take us to acting classes," shares Haylie. "We were in a ballet company and my ballet teacher encouraged my mom to take me to an acting class because I was always really nervous when I went on stage for recitals."

Haylie had so much fun in acting class that she invited her little sister to come along. "Our acting teacher encouraged my mom to take me to an audition in Texas and I ended up getting the movie and from there, we met a manager who was like come to LA and it just sort of snowballed from there," Haylie explains.

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Most Obscure Acting Gig

"I did some commercials that were funny as a kid. I was a hand model for all the Scholastic school books," Haylie reveals. "I was the child model for my size kids for Dillard's for two years when I was 10 or 11. I put up a Throwback Thursday recently of a newspaper clipping that my sister’s assistant found in her garage. It was literally the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. I’ve got horrible bangs!"

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Backup Plan

"I think if I didn’t do this business at all, I would probably work with kids in some way, or animals." Haylie says that her passion for her career keeps her driven. "It is hard work but it is something I’m so passionate about and it is an extension of me."

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Haylie Duff of the Real Girl's Kitchen cookbook, blog and now Cooking Channel series, began loving food early as her mom was always cooking something up. Still, she went the route of acting for years before establishing her presence as a food blogger. We've got the story behind her career in acting, how she came into the food world and the unusual gigs she held in-between.

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