10 Things You Didn't Know About Carla Hall

10 Things You Didn't Know About Carla Hall
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10 Things You Didn't Know About Carla Hall

Read on to learn what unusual health practice Carla Hall is a fan of and so much more about the Top Chef All-Stars Fan Favorite and star of The Chew.

Origins of Her Signature Phrase, 'Hootie Hoo!'

"My husband Matthew and I did this two-part call: 'Hootie' then 'Hoo.' I don’t know who started it. He says he started it. I think I started it, but then a girlfriend said she started it when we were 12," Carla explains.

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Food She Can't Live Without

"Lemons," says Carla. "People know that, but I always say I love a good pucker. I love sour and lemons add brightness."

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Favorite Comfort Food

"Chicken and dumplings," says Carla. "It is kind of like having chicken, gravy and biscuits, but it is a one pot wonder. When you cook it, you have this chicken stew then you drop biscuit dough into the broth to cook, which thickens the soup part so it is kind of like a gravy. Then, you have these light pillowy dumplings which are just soft biscuits."

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Unusual Health Practice She Loves

"I was looking to do some kind of cleanse at the beginning of the year and I was doing a water flush so I was drinking a quart of water first thing in the morning and I kept going back online to see the benefits of doing that. Google has these associated searches and one of them that popped up on the page was oil pulling," Carla explains. "I saw that it was this practice of swishing oil in your mouth for 20 minutes and the toxins would attach to the enzymes in the oil. I started doing it every day, even when I’m traveling. I’ve only missed three days since January 5. I know I’ve had a difference in my skin and my sinuses are really clear. I think it is a combination of the oil swishing and the water. It is a great way to have good oral hygiene."

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Favorite (and Least Favorite) Food Trend

"I'm kind of over bacon in everything," Carla admits. But she loves that vegetables have come into the spotlight. "On the heels of the whole kale craze, I think that another vegetable is going to take its place. First it was Brussels sprouts, now it is kale. What I love about that is you can always count on restaurants being on the bandwagon and you know you are always going to get at least that vegetable at most restaurants. I have a whole chapter on vegetables in my book, where vegetables have at least three different preparations each."

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Career She Might Have Had If She Wasn't In the Food Space

"I used to joke and say race car driving, but I think that is just a fantasy of mine. I think it would be theater. I would be an actor. I'd still be broke," says Carla.

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Best piece of advice

"Treat others the way you’d want to be treated. And my grandmother and mother said it is your job to be happy," Carla explains.

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Food She Still Hasn't Mastered

"French bread — or bread making," Carla reveals. "I think there is an art and a science to it."

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The Best Clothes To Cook In

"T-shirt and loose pants, like medical pants with an elastic waist band. And an apron, not a chef’s coat," she offers.

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Best Food She's Ever Eaten

"I had this bread at restaurant in Virginia. I have this fascination with making bread. [It] was so good that I talked about it the entire meal," she says. "When the dessert came I was still talking about the bread. When I met the chef, everyone was telling him how good the food was. I was like, 'the food was good but the bread was SO good.' It has the right amount of salt, it was crusty, it was so memorable. It is one of those things — when it is good, it is really good."

"For me, it is always those simple things. When I go to a restaurant for the first time I may order a roasted chicken. Most people who don’t cook are wowed by what the chefs do. I want to see them do the simple things. The chicken at Barbuto — awesome! When I go to an ice cream store, I always order their vanilla first."

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We sat down with The Chew host to get to know her better. In turn, we learned what food craze she loves and which she is totally over. We found out what she still just can't get right in the kitchen and even where her famous phrase, "Hootie Hoo," originates.

Check out the slideshow above to learn what unusual health practice Carla Hall is a fan of and so much more about the Top Chef All-Stars Fan Favorite and star of The Chew.

If you love Carla, check out her new cookbook, Carla's Comfort Foods: Favorite Dishes from Around the World.

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