10 Things to Tell Your Roommate Before He or She Leaves the Kitchen

10 Things to Tell Your Roommate Before He or She Leaves the Kitchen
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10 Things to Tell Your Roommate Before He or She Leaves the Kitchen

Empty the Dishwasher
It’s an obvious one, but we’re always shocked to learn that some people actually believe that a dishwasher is going to grow arms of its own and empty itself, so it's always best to send out a reminder to empty the dishwasher.

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Stovetop Messes
This one always gets us, but seriously, when you cook a piece of chicken on the stovetop, you know the oil is going to splatter, right? Remind your roommates to wipe down the stovetop when they’re done cooking; the oil splatter doesn’t miraculously disappear.

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Moldy Sponges
Ever wonder where that weird, moldy smell is coming from? It’s most likely your kitchen sink sponge. Remind your roommates to squeeze out the sponge after they’re done using it, and tell them not leave it on the bottom of the sink where it’ll get wet again.

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Empty the Trash
Did you have to struggle a bit to fit your egg carton into the trash? Is there a funky smell coming from the bin? Did you just throw some cooked fish in there?

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Clean Out the Drain
This a twofold problem, where sometimes the drain plug can get misplaced entirely — causing food to clog the sink — or sometimes people just leave wet, soggy food in the drain as if it’ll evaporate into thin air if left long enough.

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The Fridge is a Sanctuary, Treat It Like One
There’s nothing worse than opening the vegetable drawer in the fridge to find that the Saran-wrapped raw chicken your roommate placed in there has decided to leak all over the drawer and the bottom of the fridge.

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Don't Forget the Floors!
You know what’s worse than stepping on a smashed pea while barefooted in the kitchen? Knowing your roommate dropped it there and left it for you to clean up.

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Check the Burners
That gassy smell and light-headedness you’re experiencing in your room isn’t your imagination, it’s the burner that your roommate left on in the kitchen because they didn’t see a flame and figured the stovetop was off.

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Clean Your Dishes
In addition to not emptying the dishwasher, some people abuse their dishwashing privileges, and put things like sauté pans and sauce pots in there to be cleaned days later when the dishwasher is finally run.

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Summer is winding down and everyone is heading back to school or settling back into their apartments after being away all summer. This means one thing for many who share their abode with others: roommate filth. There's nothing worse than a messy roommate, whether they're a stranger, your best friend, or your significant other, and it's even more frustrating when that mess is in the kitchen.

Find out the 10 Things to Tell Your Roommate Before He or She Leaves the Kitchen

Let's face it, we all have our shortcomings, but it can get pretty maddening when the simplest of tasks seem to be overlooked over and over again by our fellow dwellers. Even the most intuitive things can be snubbed, so sometimes it's best to keep a checklist for yourself and for your roommates. So The Daily Meal has compiled a list of 10 things that, while they may seem obvious, are often overlooked and can lead to quite the messy kitchen. Give your roommate this checklist and you'll be one step closer to having that clean kitchen of your dreams.

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