10 Surprising Health Benefits of Beer

10 Surprising Health Benefits of Beer
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10 Surprising Health Benefits of Beer

Read on for some good reasons to drink beer — always in moderation, of course!

Stronger Bones

Beer has pretty decent levels of silicon, an element that is associated with bone health. A 2009 study at Tufts found that older individuals who enjoyed one or two glasses of beer or wine every day had higher bone density. However, the study found that consuming more than two drinks was associated with a greater risk of bone fractures.

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Good for Kidneys

A study in 2011 found that beer could help to decrease the risk of developing kidney stones. The researchers found that beer lowered the chance of kidney stones in men when compared to other alcoholic beverages. They thought that this was due to the high water content of beer and its diuretic effect.

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Good for Heart

In a study involving 200,000 subjects, researchers found that those who drank a pint of beer daily had a 31 percent reduced chance of heart disease. However, the risk increased in participants who drank higher amounts.

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Source of Fiber

Beer is made of barley, which contains a type of soluble fiber called beta-glucans, which are credited with lowering cholesterol levels.

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Brain Health

Research found that drinking one beer a day decreased mental decline in older women by 20 percent.

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B Vitamins

Beer is a good source of B vitamins like folate, riboflavin, niacin and more. Just one 12-ounce beer contains 12.5 percent of your daily vitamin B6. B vitamins help to keep your heart healthy.

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Reduced Risk of Heart Attack

An Israeli study found that drinking one beer a day was associated with a reduced risk of heart attack.

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Lower Blood Pressure

Wine is often lauded for being great for the heart, but beer is equally as good. A Harvard study found that women aged 25 to 40 who drank beer moderately were less likely to develop high blood pressure than women who drank wine or other alcoholic beverages.

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Reduce Cancer Risk

There is a cancer-preventing agent in beer called xanthohumol, which helps to fight off cancer-causing enzymes.

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Prevents Blood Clots

A study found an association between moderate alcohol consumption and a decreased risk of developing diabetes.

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Everyone loves to tout the effects of red wine, but did you know that beer has some surprising health benefits as well?

You may enjoy beer even more knowing you'll be improving bone health and helping your kidneys—yes, you read that right. Remember that beer is definitely not a health food, but it's a drink you can enjoy every once in a while that can actually improve some aspects of your health. Nearly all of the research out there suggests that drinking in moderation is the only way to reap the benefits of beer.

Check out the slideshow above to learn more about the surprising health benefits of beer.

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