10 Surprising Facts About Chipotle

10 Surprising Facts About Chipotle

Love Chipotle Mexican Grill? While you may be familiar with the chain's menu, there are probably a few things you don't know about it, including the company's policies for employees and what their official DJ does. Check out the list below to discover 10 surprising facts about the Mexican restaurant.

10. Celebrities get special treatment. Some have been given their own exclusive card, which entitles them to a free burrito fix every day for a whole year. Stephen Tyler is one of the lucky pass holders.

9. They have a "no experience required" policy.They believe that a company as unique as theirs offers immense growth potential, and the best place to learn is at one of their own outposts.

8. They appear to fear ravenous thieves. Their trucks are clearly marked, "drivers do not carry burritos," likely to prevent any nefarious shenanigans.

7. There's a Southeast Asian version. It's called ShopHouse, and it features the same make-it-as-you-wish twist, only with rice bowls instead of burritos. For now they're limited to Washington DC, Maryland, and the Los Angeles area.

6. They've perfected the tortilla warmer. Standard models just didn't do the job well or fast enough. It took 4 years of research and development, but they were ultimately able to build a better, and more energy efficient, version.

5. Chipotle has an official DJ. His name is Christopher Golub, and he's the one responsible for what plays in each of the chain's restaurants. He prefers to have 500 songs in every mix, and switches them out at least once a month.

4. Music is also an important aspect of their avocados. Some come from the farm of Grammy-winning songster Jason Mraz. Last year, Chipotle bought 36 thousand pounds of the produce from him, most of which ended up being used in the Oceanside, California area.

3. Individual stores pulled in an average of over 2 million dollars each in 2013. For reference, McDonalds franchises earned an average of 2.5 million a piece in the same timeframe.

2. They make pizza. Not at Chipotle, specifically, but at another food concept joint owned by the company. It's called Pizzeria Locale, and its specialty is gourmet pies. Those eager to try a slice will have to travel to Denver to get one though, as it's the only city that currently has them up and running.

1. McDonalds was once an investor. The two parted ways in 2006, when the burger giants decided to divest. Soon after, Chipotle went public on the New York Stock Exchange.

What's your favorite thing about Chipotle? Watch the video above for the full list of 10 surprising things you didn't know about the chain.