10 Potato Salad Recipes that Zach Danger Brown Should Make with his Kickstarter Cash

10 Potato Salad Recipes that Zach Danger Brown Should Make with his Kickstarter Cash
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What we imagined started as a silly joke has won the support (and dollars) of people across America.

Zack Danger Brown started a campaign on Kickstarter, a crowdfunding-based platform for creative projects, that promises to make potato salad. His description for the campaign reads, "I'm just making potato salad. I haven't decided what kind yet." Amidst the human powered helicopters, high-tech watches, and satellites in outer space (these are just a few of the successful Kickstarter campaigns), America's favorite mayonnaisey, starchy summer staple has prevailed. Mr. Danger Brown's campaign has surpassed his humble $10 goal and is currently raking in $37,700 with 25 days still on the clock.

He promised to make two different kinds of potato salad when he met his $100 stretch goal. He has also stated that he would use "better mayonnaise (from the natural foods section), call a chef to get a better recipe, and make way more potato salad and probably do a third batch." A party where the whole Internet is invited is also in the cards (or so he claims). We're wondering what else he has in store now that he has raised far more than he was ever expecting to. Perhaps, he will create his own potato salad company or (fingers crossed) open a potato salad restaurant? Whatever he chooses to do with his potato salad funds, expectations are high and the Internet will be eagerly waiting.

For anyone interested in making summer's spud salad (that includes you Zack and all your potato salad-obsessed backers), check out the slideshow for 10 recipes you must try.

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