10 Myths About Diabetes and Food


For many, diabetes is a hardship that restricts what you can and cannot eat. But Laura Cipullo, registered dietitian, certified diabetes educator, and author of The Diabetes Comfort Food Diet Cookbook and Healthy Habits, sees things differently. She tells us that "Diabetes is not about deprivation, but rather moderation." Cipullo gives us the real deal on several myths about diabetes and food.

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Cipullo discusses sugary and artificially sweetened foods such as diet soda and sugar-free desserts, and she gives us the lowdown on artificial sweeteners. She also gives tips for watching your weight and shares how regularly you should be exercising. If you're diabetic, find out which foods you can indulge in and eat as much as you want. She even answers the question, "Can I ever eat cake again?"

A diabetes diagnosis doesn't have to be the end of eating delicious food — it's about eating the right amount and the right kinds of food.

Check out the slideshow above for some of these common diabetes myths that Cipullo has debunked.

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