The 10 Most Dangerous Food Challenges: From Dumb Dares to Deadly Delicacies

The 10 Most Dangerous Food Challenges: From Dumb Dares to Deadly Delicacies
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Cinnamon tastes wonderful in our favorite foods and is recently getting buzz for its potential health benefits for diabetes patients, but this fall-favorite spice also carries a seedy reputation for being involved in a dangerous food challenge.

You may be familiar with the cinnamon challenge, for which participants are dared to swallow a spoonful of cinnamon without drinking water. The challenge went viral years ago, and thousands of videos have since popped up on the Internet to entertain and horrify viewers. While you might get a few laughs coughing up red plumes of cinnamon, CBS reports that this food challenge is dangerous enough to send people to the hospital for breathing problems, choking and even collapsed lungs.

It's not just cinnamon that's gone viral—there are videos of everything from milk to salty crackers to powdered donuts being consumed quickly or in excess for a thrill. We've rounded up ten dangerous food challenges, from ridiculous dares that'll leave you feeling uncomfortable, to say the least, to deadly delicacies being served around the world.

Check out the slideshow above to discover 10 risky food challenges that can put you in the hospital—or worse!

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