The 10 Most Controversial Foods on Earth

The 10 Most Controversial Foods on Earth

We tend to not think of something as mundane as food as being controversial, but controversial foods are incredibly common, and might even be on the menu at your favorite restaurant.

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Foods may be considered controversial for many different reasons. Some foods are unsustainable, meaning that the population or supply can't be replaced as quickly as it's being reduced. Others stir dissent for ethical or cultural reasons: Certain animals are simply not commonly thought of as food sources, and the consumption of them makes us uncomfortable. Also, some people take issue with what may be perceived as inhumane treatment of animals prior to slaughter.

Choosing what to eat is an intensely personal decision, and we're right to feel strongly about what we do and don't allow on our plates. If we take issue with a certain type of food, nobody should be allowed to force us to eat it. There's a big difference between foods that we don't eat because we don't like the way that they taste and foods that we don't eat on moral or ethical grounds. For example, uni, or sea urchin roe, is incredibly divisive because of its flavor and texture, but nobody would call it controversial.

So read on to learn about 10 of the most controversial foods on earth, and why they're considered controversial. Again, it's up to you whether you elect to abstain from eating these foods, or whether you decide to celebrate your position atop the food chain by eating as many of them as possible. But before eating anything, you should always take a moment to consider where it came from, and know whether or not there might be reasons to think twice about consuming it.

Check out the slideshow above to learn which 10 foods are the most controversial.

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