10 Meals You Didn't Know You Could Sneak Veggies Into

10 Meals You Didn't Know You Could Sneak Veggies Into
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10 Meals You Didn't Know You Could Sneak Veggies Into

The queen of sneaking veggies into any meal, Jessica Seinfeld recently helped develop Green Giant's Veggie Blend-Ins. Now, she shares 10 meals perfect for hiding veggies and tricking picky eaters.

Image Credit: Lisa Hubbard

Italian Meatloaf

Jessica recommends adding carrot puree to Italian meatloaf. "This is a slam dunk every time at my house," she explains. "This is a perfect place to use a food processor to save time."

Image Credit: Lisa Hubbard

Orange Glazed Pork

Try carrot puree in this Asian-inspired dish. Jessica says, "[It's] sweet and spicy; just like you!"

Image Credit: Lisa Hubbard

“Buttered” Noodles

Butternut squash puree give this traditionally unhealthy dish nutrients. "This for those who rank high on the picky scale," says Jessica.

Image Credit: Lisa Hubbard

Teriyaki Chicken

"Just say 'teriyaki' and the room lights up," offers Jessica. Still, this isn't just any teriyaki chicken; carrot puree is hidden within.

Image Credit: Lisa Hubbard

Spaghetti and Meatballs

Jessica calls this dish "a classic with a nice boost." The boost? Both butternut squash and carrot puree.

Image Credit: Lisa Hubbard

Sloppy Joes

Jessica adds sweet potato and butternut squash or red pepper puree to her Sloppy Joes. "I serve this in hotdog buns," she shares. "A hotdog bun filled with something that’s not a hotdog is very funny to some kids. Or my kids, I guess."

Image Credit: Lisa Hubbard

Sesame Beef with Broccoli

"This is an old standby at the Seinfelds," says Jessica of her sesame beef with broccoli. "It’s also the only way I can get a certain child in my house to eat broccoli."

Image Credit: Lisa Hubbard

Chicken Nuggets

"Probably the most coveted kids meal in the U.S.A.," jokes Jessica. "So, I had to make them a little better for us to feel good about making them. Constantly." To do so, Jessica adds broccoli, spinach, sweet potato or beet puree.

Image Credit: Lisa Hubbard


"Another weekly standard at our house," shares Jessica. "It's so easy to pump up the nutrients in this one," which she does with sweet potato, carrot or butternut squash puree.

Image Credit: Lisa Hubbard

Apricot Chicken

"I came up with this chicken dish on the fly," she says of her apricot chicken with carrot puree. "Pun intended. So few ingredients and almost no dirty dishes. I can't do better than this."

Image Credit: Sara Quessenberry


We love Jessica Seinfeld's ability to sneak nutrition into nearly any meal. From chicken nuggets to Sloppy Joes and even buttered noodles, she is able to transform childhood favorites into nutritionally sound delights. Jessica recently helped develop Green Giant's Veggie Blend-Ins, and now, shares 10 meals perfect for hiding veggies and tricking picky eaters.

Check out the slideshow above for Jessica's favorite meals to sneak veggies into.

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