10 Kitchen Tools To Make The Most Of Groceries

10 Kitchen Tools To Make The Most Of Groceries
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10 Kitchen Tools To Make The Most Of Groceries

These kitchen tools will be sure to maximize those groceries.

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Storage Containers

How else do you plan to save a delicious home cooked meal if not for storage containers? If you haven’t used an entire onion or other veggie you can also save them in a container to chop up tomorrow.

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Having a grater around is the perfect accessory for toppings. If you see need to get rid of some questionable cheese, just cut off the sketchy-looking part and grate the rest on to pasta or soup. You can also grate veggies like carrots or cucumbers for salads.

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Strainer or Colander

If you want to enjoy all those fresh groceries you’ve just picked up, then a strainer or colander is essential. With the help of a colander, you can wash all types of lettuce, all your veggies and drain the water from noodle dishes.

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Electronic Teakettle

An electronic teakettle is incredibly helpful to boil water quickly. If you love tea then this item is a must-have, but also if you just want to hurry along that boiled egg, then a tea kettle will speed things up.

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Can Opener

Canned foods are great for your wallet. Canned black beans and chickpeas boast a whole lot of nutrients, but won’t cost too much. However, the preparation of canned foods is impossible without the help of a can opener. Do yourself a favor and get a good can opener (not a flimsy one that will break the first time it’s used).

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Measuring Cups and Spoons

Improvising in the kitchen is definitely a fun thing to do, but it is still important to invest in some measuring spoons and cups. You’ll have greater control of how much of your groceries you are using.

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Chopping Knife

How do you expect to prepare any of your groceries without a knife? Don’t forget that pre-chopped veggies are more expensive than fresh produce. A most versatile tool, a basic chopping knife, will help you slice fruits and veggies with ease, but you can chop just about anything. A great knife can help you to cut up chicken and bread too.

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Wooden Spoon

Just about any type of dish that goes on the stove requires a spoon. Use a wooden spoon to stir up rice, sautéed veggies or scramble eggs.

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When serving a soup or a dish smothered in sauce, using a regular spoon will not only be inefficient, it will make a mess. If you’ve gone through the trouble to buy the ingredients to make homemade tomato sauce or chicken soup, you will definitely need a ladle to transport heaping portions of your tasty creation.

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Vegetable Peeler

Buying fresh produce is generally cheaper, but some recipes require peeled veggies. With the help of a veggie peeler, this task is quick and seamless. Plus a certain turkey-filled holiday is approaching and nothing goes better with turkey than a big bowl of mashed potatoes, which traditionally require peeled potatoes.

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With the help of some essential kitchen tools, you can always make due with any sized grocery load.

Just chopping a few extra veggies and saving them in storage containers will encourage you to use them up tomorrow or even bring to work for lunch. Certain kitchen essentials like a strainer or a peeler will help you to take on different recipes and ensure that you won't let groceries go to waste.

Check out the slideshow above for the 10 best kitchen tools to help you get the most of your groceries.

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