10 Healthy and Delicious Snacks for After-School Sports

10 Healthy and Delicious Snacks for After-School Sports
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10 Healthy and Delicious Snacks for After-School Sports

Banana Breakfast Bars

These bars slip in one nutrient that kids wont even know they're eating: textured vegetable protein, which gives them low-fat soy protein. The bananas are not only delicious but a great a source of potassium for their overworked muscles.

Image Credit: Meme Inge

Banana Lollipops

These are the perfect snack for halftime. The bananas are rich in carbohydrates and give your kids the energy for the second half, and the protein from the peanut butter makes sure they're getting the support their bodies need during the game.

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Mini Pizza Rolls

Kids love pizza, so congratulate them on a win with these mini pizza rolls. They'll get their fill of dairy and carbohydrates and satiate their pizza cravings.

Image Credit: Amy Hanten

Sliced Golden Beets

If you're trying to get your kids to eat more vegetables, these beet chips are the way to go. You'll nourish their bodies during the game and all the while they'll think they're lucky enough to be eating potato chips.

Image Credit: Jeff Nimoy

Caramel Maple Yogurt Dip

This dip proves that getting your kids to eat their fruits is as easy as making them dip-able. They'll enjoy getting their vitamins from the apple and banana because of the caramel and maple flavored yogurt, which incidentally, is a great source of dairy.

Image Credit: Produce for Kids

Chocolate and Peanut Butter Trailbars

It's the best of both worlds: chocolate satiating your kids craving for candy and the peanut butter supplying them with the protein they need to grow into a bigger and stronger athlete.

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Buttery Cinnamon Pecans

This snack works double-duty, giving an excellent source of protein from the pecans and strengthening cognitive function with the cinnamon, making sure the kids perform on and off the field.

Image Credit: Debbie Johnson

Gone Fishin' Snack Mix

Packed in individual sandwich bags, this snack mix will ride easily with you to the game and is a great way to gift your kid some candy after a big win. In addition to the candy, kids are getting the carbohydrates they need from the oat cereal, so they'll be ready for practice the next day.

Image Credit: Amy Hanten

Soy Nut Clusters

Packed with protein, these nut clusters will easily trump popcorn in the snack department, and are easy to carry with you to the game.

Image Credit: SoyConnection.com

Black Bean Mango Salsa

Most kids are adverse to salsa because they think it's too spicy or they just can't stand tomatoes. This recipe uses a few chunks of sweet mango to trick them into liking it, while getting their fruits and vegetables at the same time.

Image Credit: Amy Hanten


It's halftime and the home team is down by two. What's going to get the players recharged and ready to take the lead in the second half?

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This school year, mix up your kids' Gatorade regimen with fun and creative homemade snacks. Instead of feeding them orange slices or hard-as-rock granola bars, give them something that tastes good and is good for them to enjoy during after-school sports. Just as kids need their shin guards and cleats for the game, they also need to fuel their bodies with nutrients to be successful at sports. Before, during and after their games, it's important to feed the little athletes things that will give them the protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals they need in their everyday diet — and it goes without saying that it should taste good, too.

These recipes have everything your kids and their bodies crave — whether it's protein-packed soy clusters for them to snack on during a break in the game or cheesy mini pizza rolls to treat them with after a win. It's time to start feeding our kids food that is both tasty and healthy, and these recipes will ensure that they won't be able to wait until it's your week to bring the snacks for the game.

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