10 Fun Ways to Eat Hot Dogs

10 Fun Ways to Eat Hot Dogs
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10 Fun Ways to Eat Hot Dogs

Hot dogs are a summer staple, and there's nothing quite as satisfying or versatile as a frank in a bun! Go beyond the ketchup and mustard basics with these 10 fun ways to eat hot dogs!

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1. Deep-fried and on a stick

It's the natural next step. Battered and deep-friend to golden perfection, corn dogs are a tasty way to transform your hot dog—plus, what beats food on a stick?

2. Wrapped in puff pastry

Roll your franks in puff pastry sheets and bake them for crispy and delicious pigs in a blanket! Try this delicious recipe for pigs in a blanket that has a layer of cheesy goodness!

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3. Baked in a muffin

Cut up your hot dogs into small pieces and make them the surprise center of corn muffins, like this recipe for corn dog muffins.

4. Wrapped in bacon

Is there anything that you can't wrap in bacon? Turn hot dogs into a decadent treat by layering on more meat.

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5. In a baguette

We're more familiar with seeing sausages in a side-split bun, but in other countries franks are known to be served in a hollowed baguette. Haute dog takes on a whole new meaning!

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6."Threaded" with Spaghetti

This one's fun for the kids! Pierce your hot dog with uncooked spaghetti noodles and pop them in a pot of boiling water for an odd but tasty meal!

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7. In a Pretzel Bun

Pretzels are everywhere this year, so why not try serving your next frank in a pretzel bun! Serve these with cheddar and sauteed apples like this recipe.

8. Cut into Spirals

This extra step could change everything you know about hot dogs. By simply skewering your sausage and cutting it diagonally, you're opening up more areas to brown and crisp!

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9. Topped with chili

You can't leave this off the list! Chili beefs up your hot dog into a heartier meal and adds wonderful smoky, sweet flavors.

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10. Roasted over a campfire

If you have access to a campfire pit, then try roasting your hot dogs over the open fire on skewers! It's a great family activity for camping trips!

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Hot dogs are a summer staple at barbecues and picnics and in stadiums and movie theaters—there's nothing quite as satisfying or versatile as a frank in a bun! Boiled, fried, grilled or roasted—hot dogs can be prepared in a variety of ways. There's plenty of choices for buns available, and the combinations of toppings are endless! Just remember to keep things safe by cooking your meats properly.

With all those hot dogs you're sure to eat this summer, why not go beyond the mustard and ketchup basics? If you're looking for new ways to nosh on this popular food, we've got 10 delicious ideas that will take your hot dog to the next level.

Check out the slideshow above to discover 10 fun ways to eat hot dogs.

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