10 Foods to Eat in Honor of Emmy-Nominated TV Shows

10 Foods to Eat in Honor of Emmy-Nominated TV Shows
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10 Foods to Eat in Honor of Emmy-Nominated TV Shows

Read on for the perfect ways to celebrate the Emmy Awards with food this year.

Breaking Bad

Make your own Heisenberg-style blue hard candy to celebrate the groundbreaking, totally addicting and exhilarating Breaking Bad.

Image Credit: Ursula Coyote, AMC

Game of Thrones

Between Game of Thrones beers and Westeros-inspired spreads, you'll have plenty to choose from for a Lannister or Stark-themed bash.

Image Credit: HBO

Mad Men

Celebrating Mad Men is easy: No food, just booze. Drink straight up scotch if you can handle it! A Manhattan cocktail would also be a great choice. Or if you'd like to incorporate some food, grab some oysters if you're feeling fancy.

Image Credit: GONZALO/Bauer-Griffin, GC Images

Orange is the New Black

Since no one is going to want prison food at a party, maybe just hold a contest to see who can get most creative with a Cup of Noodles? Otherwise, Vee's cake from season 2 looked pretty good and most likely only requires a boxed funfetti mix.

Image Credit: Netflix

True Detective

Serious Eats recommends seed-filled foods like bread sticks to match the show's "seedy" qualities. Pesto pasta also works to pay tribute to the "green-eared spaghetti monster."

Image Credit: Lacey Terrell, HBO

House of Cards

What better way to celebrate the character of Frank Underwood than with ribs that emulate Freddy's? Order in ribs or prepare them yourself!

Image Credit: Nathaniel Bell, Netflix

Downton Abbey

If you're not in the mood to throw a glamorous ball, then tea will do just fine for a Downton Abbey fan. Alternatively, bootlegged liquor and jazz will work too.

Image Credit: Nick Briggs, Carnival


Love Scandal? Enjoy red wine and popcorn, just like Kerry Washington's indefatigable Olivia Pope is frequently seen eating in her living room.

Image Credit: Craig Sjodin, Disney ABC Television Group


Pay homage to Girls by throwing your viewing party in the bath while enjoying cupcakes.

Image Credit: Aby Baker, Getty Images Entertainment

Modern Family

Since many of the hilarious scenes in the show take place in the kitchen, you really can't go wrong with a big home cooked meal and a lot of hijinks. Consider serving Good Humor ice cream.

Image Credit: Peter "Hopper" Stone, Disney ABC Television Group


With the Emmy Awards upon us again, many people are planning their viewing parties. To get into the spirit of Emmy night, we've gathered some ideas for what to eat in honor of your favorite shows this year. If you want to show your support, why not make some perfectly themed meals and snacks? If you love Breaking Bad, you may want to try some delicious blue hard candy. More into Game of Thrones? Maybe you should get your hands on that Game of Thrones beer.

Check out the slideshow above for the best party foods inspired by our favorite Emmy-nominated shows!

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