10 Foods That Age You

10 Foods That Age You
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10 Foods That Age You

Read on to learn which foods age you.


Bad news for those with a sweet tooth. Sugar can cause wrinkles by affecting the collagen in your skin.

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Not only can alcohol trigger rosacea outbreaks, but it also harms the liver, which is vital to expel toxins from the body. Alcohol also dehydrates the body, and water is essential to skin health.

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Eating more than 1,500 mg of salt a day—the recommended amount by The American Heart Association—can raise blood pressure, which can also affect collagen. This can also cause wrinkles (especially around the eyes), and too much salt can make eyes look puffy.

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Red Meat

According to a recent study, eating red meat more than once a week can cause wrinkles because animal protein can contain high levels of a compound called carnitine. This can make the blood vessel walls harden, and in turn make skin crease.

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The caffeine in coffee is a diuretic, which can dehydrate you if you're not careful. This can make your skin look washed out or dry.

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Processed Meat

Bacon, deli meat and sausage are the kinds of processed meats that contain sulfites and other preservatives. These can cause inflammation and speed up the aging process. Processed meats can also contain a lot of salt, which can make the skin puffy.

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Trans Fats

Found in fast foods and margarine, trans fats can clog arteries, which can harm the skin's natural elasticity because water can't get through.

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Spicy Foods

Spicy foods can make your skin less clear because they can cause blood vessels to dilate, which can affect people with rosacea or those going through menopause.

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A 2010 study found that the phosphoric acid in sodas accelerated the aging process in lab rats, causing them to die five weeks earlier than the rats who consumed normal amounts of of phosphoric acid. Sodas can also have high levels of sodium, which can age skin.

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Fried Food

Fried foods like French fries can often be cooked in oils that are used over and over again. When oil is reused, it can oxidize. When consumed, the oxidized food can harm blood circulation and metabolic processes, which can harm the flow of oxygen to skin and ultimately negatively affect the skin's collagen and elasticity.

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It was a sad, sad day to learn that bacon could cause wrinkles. Unfortunately that's not the only food that makes you look older (and it's definitely not the only meat). Generally speaking, foods that cause dehydration tend to harm the skin. Learn which of your favorite foods will speed up the aging process.

Check out the slideshow above for the top foods that age you.

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