10 Food Mashups as Good as the Cronut

10 Food Mashups as Good as the Cronut

Manhattan-based pastry chef Dominique Ansel shot to stardom in recent weeks, all thanks to the invention of a confectionery hybrid known as the cronut. Part-doughnut, part-croissant, the cronut has attracted a cult-like following among pastry enthusiasts near and far.

The layered sweet is only the latest food mashup to make headlines, which inspired us to round up a full list of haute hybrids, from cronuts to pizookies and every taste in between...

Cronut: Laminated, fried, and glazed croissant dough in the shape of a doughnut.

Flagel: A two-fer most simply described as a smashed bagel that takes on the characteristics of a flatbread.

Donut Bacon Sandwich: Sweet meets savory in Dunkin Donuts' hearty breakfast option that sandwiches bacon and eggs between a split, glazed doughnut.

Pizza in a Cone: Marinara sauce, cheese, and traditional pizza toppings served in a cone-shaped crust.

Double Down Chicken Sandwich: KFC went low-carb in 2010 with the launch of its now infamous sandwich that replaces the bun in a chicken sandwich with two breaded, fried chicken filets.

Doritos Locos Tacos: Chips and taco fillings collide in this recent Taco Bell creation.

Pretzel Croissant: Made famous at Manhattan's City Bakery, the pastry features light and flaky pretzel dough baked in the shape of a croissant.

Cheeseburger Pizza: The traditional burger toppings make their way onto (or into) a classic pizza crust.

Waffle Tacos: Taco Bell's fork-free solution to your first meal of the day that tucks a sausage patty and scrambled eggs inside a folded waffle.

Pizookie: Cookie dough baked in a pizza pan, served warm and topped with ice cream.

What conclusions did we draw from this foray into the world of hybrid foods? Most notably, fast food chains have driven the food mashup movement, up until Dominique Ansel introduced a haute hybrid no one's embarrassed to be spotted snacking on.

What's your favorite two-in-one food?

Image Credit: Courtesy of Dominique Ansel Bakery

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