10 Flavor Enhancers that can Save you Money

10 Flavor Enhancers that can Save you Money
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10 Flavor Enhancers that can Save you Money

There is no reason to spend a bundle to make a delightful dinner. These spices and herbs will help you enhance the flavor of practically any recipe while helping you save money.

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Lemon is the onion of the fruit basket. The versatile citrus is all you need to roast a chicken or increase the numerous benefits of green tea. Since one lemon will only set you back a few cents, this is a great flavor enhancing investment.

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Ginger comes in a variety of states from the actual root or powder to the pickled slivers that accompany sushi, and they are all tasty. Fresh ginger root can last for three weeks in the fridge so stock up and grate it over veggies or add it to salad dressings.

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Red Pepper Flakes

One bottle of red pepper flakes will cost you under five dollars. Since the flakes should be sprinkled sparingly the bottle will last for a while. Try them out on eggs to spice up breakfast.

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Who needs to buy chemical-filled artificial sweeteners when honey is around? Honey is the perfect addition to a tart yogurt, but can also sweeten tea or other desserts. Why not try making your own honey mustard sauce?

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Buying loose garlic by the bulb isn’t expensive at all, but it is one of the most flavorful additions to nearly any meal. Sauté garlic in a little bit of olive oil and your house will smell wonderful. You can add raw or sautéed garlic to pretty much anything. The versatility of garlic will help you cut back on other ingredients.

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Cayenne Pepper

If you’re looking to add some heat to a dish, cayenne pepper is your best, cost-effective friend! Just a pinch of this spice adds a lot of flavor instantly. Since you’ll need to use so little, one small bottle should last you a while.

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Vinegar is a great all-purpose liquid that can be used on top of salads or for cooking. The tart flavor is delicious, but not caloric and it can even be used as a cleaning solution to get even more bang for you buck.

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Chili Powder

Chili powder is a great spice to keep around for soup or chili. It’s perfect for a hint of spice, but doesn’t add too much heat – unless you use a lot!

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Fresh herbs are incredibly versatile in the kitchen. Making pesto sauce is easy with a food processor, and you can always freeze extra sauce for later. Herbs are the perfect addition to roasts as well, but there is almost always an herb to complement any dish.

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Cinnamon is a wonderful spice for both baking and breakfast. It can even be used in savory dishes like Moroccan chicken or couscous. The versatility of cinnamon makes it a kitchen essential. Plus it's can be used as breath freshener or moth repellent, so this is a great spice to invest in.

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It's surprisingly easy to make food taste delicious with only a few simple spices. Some of the most flavor-enhancing seasonings are inexpensive so your wallet will thank you.

By sprucing up a roast chicken with herbs or adding a splash of lemon to salad dressing you'll enhance the flavor of your dish without spending too much at the grocery store. Adding hints of ginger, garlic and other flavor enhancers also pleases the palate without increasing calorie intake.

Check out the slideshow above for 10 inexpensive ingredients that will enhance the taste of your recipes.

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