10 Fantastic Fish Recipes

10 Fantastic Fish Recipes
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10 Fantastic Fish Recipes

Read on for excellent fish recipes.

Fish al Cartoccio

This Fish al Cartoccio is very simple to make and served with parsley and olives.

Get the recipe: Fish al Cartoccio

20-Minute Skillet Salmon

This salmon is low in fat and low in calories, but big in flavor!

Get the recipe: 20-Minute Skillet Salmon

Salmon Fish Tacos

This recipe is a healthier version of fish tacos, made with salmon and baked.

Get the recipe: Salmon Fish Tacos

Marinated Trout With Lemon Butter, Allspice And Dill

Ever tried trout? You'll like this recipe!

Get the recipe: Marinated Trout with Lemon Butter, Allspice and Dill

Yellowtail Ceviche

This delicious yellowtail ceviche is accompanied by a spicy vinaigarette and fried plantain threads.

Get the recipe: Yellowtail Ceviche

Baked Swordfish

Create a simple and delicious baked swordfish dish for your family.

Get the recipe: Baked Swordfish

Tuna & Red Pepper Antipasto

Packed with protein and fiber, this tasty salad is ready in a flash. Serve on a bed of lettuce with warm, crusty bread or pack it in a pita for a sandwich. For an extra kick, add a pinch of crushed red pepper or cayenne.

Get the recipe: Tuna & Red Pepper Antipasto

Swordfish With Salsa Verde

If you’re a fan of fish, try it here with salsa verde, a bright green crunchy paste made with parsley.

Get the recipe: Swordfish with Salsa Verde

Fish Fillets With Pineapple-Jalapeño Salsa

Serve simple sautéed fish fillets with jalapeno-spiked pineapple salsa for a Caribbean-inspired meal. Serve with black beans and brown rice.

Get the recipe: Fish Fillets With Pineapple-Jalapeño Salsa

Oven-Fried Fish & Chips

Fish and chips are traditionally sold wrapped in paper to soak up all the grease—not a good sign. To cut the calories in half and reduce the fat, coat the delicate fish in a crispy cornflake crust and then bake it along with sliced potatoes. Serve with coleslaw and malt vinegar or lemon wedges.

Get the recipe: Oven-Fried Fish & Chips


Fish makes for a delicious lunch or dinner.

Fish isn't just tasty and versatile, but it's healthy too. Try mixing up dinner with these fabulous fish recipes. Between tuna, salmon, trout and more, you won't get bored with this variety.

Check out the slideshow above for delicious fish recipes.

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