10 Easy Tricks to Organize Your Pantry from Geoffrey and Margaret Zakarian

10 Easy Tricks to Organize Your Pantry from Geoffrey and Margaret Zakarian
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10 Easy Tricks to Organize Your Pantry from Geoffrey and Margaret Zakarian

Chef Geoffrey Zakarian and his wife Margaret share their kitchen wisdom in their new cookbook My Perfect Pantry. Read on to discover 10 easy tricks to organize your pantry according to the Zakarians.

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Get rid of clutter

Get rid of miscellaneous items that accumulate over time, such as random rubs, spices or dried items.

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Toss old items

You should be sure to throw away all spices older than one year.

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Neatly store spices

Purchase small glass jars and transfer spices to them. When everything looks uniform and crisp, it is easier to navigate through the pantry. Often the spice area in a pantry is disheveled because the jars and vessels are all different. With the glass jars, they look great and you can label them with a label maker like a P-Touch.

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Organize your spices

Take the time to alphabetize your spices!

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Separate categories of food

Organize your shelves based on each category of food. For example, group all canned items together, all dried pastas together, all condiments together, all baking items together, all cereals and breakfast items together and all snacks together.

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Take a few extra seconds

Be fastidious when putting things away in the pantry after cooking. Taking a few seconds each time keeps it in tip top shape.

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Use the pantry door

Use the back of the door to hang a shelf system for added storage. This is a great place to keep spices, olive oils and vinegars.

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Use glass containers

Invest in glass food storage containers. Transfer items out of the package and into these airtight containers. This will help to give you a uniform look and keep foods fresh.

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Purchase small quantities

Buy things in small quantities so you are constantly keeping everything fresh and not having to manage large oversized packages.

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Be shelf conscious

Organize each shelf by the frequency you use the items you plan to place on it. Place items you reach for often on the middle shelves and things that you may only use once in a while on the higher or lower shelves.

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Salt and pepper

Keep salt and pepper on a small tray together as when you are reaching for one, you are almost always reaching for the other. This makes it easy to transport from the pantry to the stove and keeps crumbs and bits of pepper and salt from getting the pantry dirty.

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Celebrated chef and restaurateur Geoffrey Zakarian and his wife Margaret are partners in marriage and in business. They're behind some of the nation's top restaurants like New York City's The Lambs Club, The National and The Palm Court, and now, they are releasing a brand-new cookbook! In My Perfect Pantry, the couple shares how to utilize the everyday staples in your pantry to create great meals. They shared with us some of the best ways to organize the contents of your pantry to make gathering and preparing those dishes even easier!

Check out the slideshow above to learn the 10 easiest tricks to organize your pantry from Geoffrey and Margaret Zakarian.

Reprinted from MY PERFECT PANTRY by Geoffrey Zakarian, Published by Clarkson Potter. Photograph courtesy of Sara Remington.

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