10 Celebrity Party Disasters

10 Celebrity Party Disasters
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10 Celebrity Party Disasters

Paris Hilton: The Guest Who Steals
After a party-crasher, self-dubbed "Paz," got into Paris Hilton's 30th birthday party, he proceeded to steal her cake. The $3,200 confection was infused with Lucid-brand absinthe and was designed to fit her Moulin Rouge theme.

Credit: AMAZON.COM - PRN/Newscom

P. Diddy: Inviting Too Many People
Whether it is the celebratory launch of an album or a random third Tuesday of the month, P. Diddy is known for throwing the hottest parties. However, at the release party for his album "Last Train to Paris," he took that reputation literally.


"Real Housewife" Peggy Tanous: The Crying Guest
Guests were less than classy, especially Alexis Bellino, who ruined the dinner by crying in the bathroom without excusing herself or explaining the situation.

Credit: NBC Universal

Eva Longoria: Unsafe Party Venue
A birthday bash ended with a crash at Eva Longoria's contemporary Spanish restaurant Beso, when a customer slipped on an allegedly wet floor.

Credit: wiki_Tm

Lady Gaga: The Guest Who Gets Too Drunk
Reportedly, after singer Adam Lambert (pictured) showed up on the coattails of The Scissor Sisters at her 25th birthday at La Cita in Los Angeles, he stood on tables and attempted to smear cake in the songstresses' face.

Credit: PR-NEWSWIRE_Newscom

Katy Perry: The Host Gets Hurt
When Katy Perry "put her hands up" to dance the night away, she ended up falling down with some painful consequences. The singer needed 17 stitches to heal a gash on her leg.

Credit: Flickr/José-Goulão

Chloë Moretz: Your Guests Trash the Venue
As the star of Kickass and Hugo, Chloë Moretz was given the special honor of viewing the preserved version of Breakfast at Tiffany's for her 13th birthday at Paramount Studios. Sadly, her friends took the opportunity to trash the studios while disrupting the film.

Credit: Flickr/ellasportfolio

Heather Mills: Natural Disasters
Paul McCartney’s ex-wife, Heather Mills, had a 40th birthday that was supposed to be an intimate celebration amongst friends, but guests were surprised to find her home draped in a tarp after heavy rains and a leaky roof caused the house's top floors to flood.

Credit: wiki/File-Upload-Bot

Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears: Guests Have a Confrontation
After breaking up, Britney and Justin supposedly had an emotionally-charged reunion when they arrived at the same club. The former couple argued after Spears saw him dancing with then-girlfriend Jenna Dewan.

Credit: Flickr/www.chicagofabulousblog.com | Flickr/kyleburning

Michael Fassbender: A Host Who Misbehaves
Michael Fassbender became a handful during the premiere party for A Dangerous Method. He forced his uncomfortable co-stars Keira Knightley and Viggo Mortenson to waltz with him, played the piano, tried to kick a photographer, and flipped off the paparazzi.

Credit: Flickr/canmark


The keen eye of a party planner sees all, down to every last detail — the centerpieces, the food, and even the lighting, each of which are all threads in the fabric that make a party spectacular. Photos of picture-perfect celebrity soirées and weddings reveal careful strategizing, but even the most skilled party planner cannot control everything.

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Despite the outfits flown in from luxury designers and decorations and catered food costing thousands of dollars, celebrities can somehow commit the most heinous party fouls for all to see. Stars — they are just like us.

While laughing at these train-wreck incidents is always an option, it's possible to learn from them, too. For instance, what's the proper way to react if someone steals the cake, like a party-crasher did to Paris Hilton? Or what if the carefully arranged decorations set someone's hair on fire, like at P. Diddy's bash? Lady Gaga may not offer the best style tips, but the way she dealt with an awkward situation at her birthday party involving an American Idol star and too much booze is something to pay attention to.

The fact is, so much can go wrong at any party, whether it's a large dinner party or cocktail party. Whatever goes wrong — difficult guests, burnt food, or even a natural disaster — a good host is always prepared for the absolute worst. Take a cue from these celebrity mishaps and learn how to avoid them at your next party.

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