A Slice of Heaven: The Best Pizza in New York City

best pizza in new york city

There are all kinds of amazing food in New York City, from celebrity chef restaurants to street side kiosks. However, if New York is known for just one food item, it would have to be pizza. Locals, newcomers and tourists: everyone has one slice in mind when they travel to the city, ready to fold it in half, sprinkle on some Parmesan cheese and enjoy. We've rounded up five places where you can find the best pizza in New York. Don't worry if you can't decide which one to try; you don't have to choose just one!

Best Pizza in New York: Grimaldi's

This little Brooklyn shop has had its share of problems (the landlord and shop owner have never seen eye to eye) but you'd never know it when taking big bites of their delicious pizza. A favorite of Italian New Yorkers like Frank Sinatra and former Mayor Rudy Guiliani, Grimaldi's has been perfecting coal brick oven pizza with farm fresh ingredients since 1905.

Best Pizza in New York: Brother's Pizza

Though it's a ferry ride away, Brother's Pizza has encouraged many a visitor to Staten Island, all in the name of what many call the best pizza in New York. Whether you pick a traditional pie, a Sicilian or another authentic Italian specialty, you're in for a classic experience in this old school pizzeria; there's no pomp and circumstance here, just an amazing slice that has attracted both Manhattanites and celebrity chefs.

Best Pizza in New York: Artichoke Basille's Pizza

This new shop right off of Union Square is not your classic New York slice, but it's grabbed the hearts of many students and pizza aficionados who inhabit the area. Come to Artichoke on an early Saturday morning after a late Friday night in the city and you shouldn't be surprised to find a line leading straight down 14th Street into Artichoke for their delightfully artisan and roughly made pies, piled high with mozzarella, fresh veggies and even crab.

Best Pizza in New York: Famous Ray's

There's no denying that this is a great slice of traditional New York pizza, but the real treat at Ray's is the history. Many branches of this epic New York pizza chain have popped up around Manhattan - Original Ray's, Original Famous, etc - but this location, the Greenwich Village spot, is said to be the best - a spot where students collect, musicians feed after long gigs, and comedians satire on their New York City sets. You can find all three peacefully cohabitating there on any night of the week.

Best Pizza in New York: Patsy's

This outpost of the infamous East Harlem pizzeria is great for people watching and enjoying a slice - featuring the best thin-crust pizza in New York. Though pies come in all toppings like mushrooms and sun-dried tomatoes, there's something to be said for a plain old slice, smokey and crunchy, straight out of the oven while you contemplate ordering from a menu of rice balls, calzones and other Italian-American delights.

Photo by gsz via Flickr.
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