Red Lobster launches secret Flavor Flav menu. Here's what's included on it

Flavor Flav is taking his love of Red Lobster to the next level.

Red Lobster announced July 1 that it is teaming up once again with the clock-donning hip hop legend to bring customers nationwide a meal collaboration that is sure to “Bring the Noise.”

Starting on July 1, and for only a limited time, customers can eat just like the rapper with “Flavor Flav’s Faves.”

The all-new signature meal features a variety of Red Lobster goodies that were selected by Flavor Flav himself. These include Maine Lobster Tail, Snow Crab Legs, Garlic Shrimp Scampi, Bacon Mac & Cheese as well as the choice of one side.

Flavor Flav's Faves at Red Lobster (Red Lobster)
Flavor Flav's Faves at Red Lobster (Red Lobster)

There’s one caveat though: Red Lobster has made Flavor Flav’s Faves an off-menu meal, meaning that only folks who know about it — like you — can get it. To order, customers should simply ask their server for “Flavor Flav’s Faves” the next time they visit their local Red Lobster establishment.

“As a long-time Red Lobster fan, I’m fired up to bring a little bit of my own flavor to fans with a meal featuring my seafood favorites,” Flavor Flav said in a press release.

Sara Bittorf, chief experience officer at Red Lobster, said the chain is excited to bring their guests the meal. “Flavor Flav’s passion for Red Lobster is unmatched,” she said.

This latest Red Lobster news comes after the restaurant chain announced in May that it filed for relief under Chapter 11 bankruptcy in Florida bankruptcy court after setbacks with its investors, its Endless Shrimp deal as well as a liquidation firm selling off the contents of dozens of Red Lobster locations around the country.

The eatery said it plans to remain open and sell its businesses to existing lenders.

Flavor Flav has been helping Red Lobster promote Crabfest after ordering entire menu

In June, exclusively reported that Red Lobster and Flavor Flav were partnering up to let fans everywhere know that Crabfest is back.

“Fans have taken to social media over the last few weeks to share their love of Red Lobster, pleading to #SaveTheBiscuits, while reminiscing about their most cherished memories dining at the restaurant,” Red Lobster wrote in a release sent to

“Among those was Flavor Flav and he’s here to kickoff Crabfest in the most flavorful way.”

People were posting online about their love for Red Lobster, with some wanting to help the company survive impending bankruptcy by ordering in bulk and even encouraging followers to eat at the chain.

Then Flav proved to be a true seafood-lover when he posted an image on Instagram of the rapper having ordered the entire Red Lobster menu.

The post, which was shared as a video, generated more than 874,000 views in the process. A post sharing the same image has 1.3 million views on X. And it started Flav’s budding working relationship with the chain.

“We love seeing our fans show up and rally for us, so when Flavor Flav reached out, we answered the call and invited him to join us in reminding fans we’re here to stay,” said Bittorf.

As part of “Crab Your Way,” guests can choose a full pound of one of two steamed crab leg varieties (snow and bairdi) in a range of flavors (Cajun butter, roasted garlic butter or plain steamed).

“Crabfest has been a guest-favorite event for years and we’re excited to bring the flavor, along with a variety of wild-caught crab for our guests to enjoy, now and for generations to come,” Bittorf said.

Additionally, Red Lobster is offering three new dishes starting at $20, as well as a new side:

  • Creamy Crab Carbonara features lump crab meat tossed with tomatoes, bacon and linguine in a cream sauce topped with shaved parmesan.

  • Crab & Lobster Duo boasts a snow crab cluster with a crab-stuffed Maine lobster tail served with a choice of side.

  • Snow Crab & Crab-Topped Steak features a snow crab cluster paired with a crab-topped sirloin steak served with a choice of side.

  • Crab Mac & Cheese tops macaroni and cheese with lump crab meat and crispy onions.

There’s also a new cocktail called the Big Breezy Hurricane made with amaretto, Malibu coconut rum, Southern Comfort and juices.

Flavor Flav has been a known lover of Red Lobster for years. On his iconic reality dating show, “Flavor of Love,” he took contestant Tika “Sweetie” Wilson to “one of his most favorite places in the world,” Red Lobster.

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