Father of 'American Idol's Mandisa Speaks Out About Daughter's Death


Mandisa's father is addressing the mysterious death of his daughter, who tragically died at the age of 47 at her home in Nashville, Tenn. on Thursday, April 18.

John Hundley, father to the late American Idol alum, spoke out over the weekend to clarify what exactly he believes happened to his daughter, whose cause of death has still not been officially determined.

While addressing the congregation at Brentwood Baptist Church in Nashville for a Celebration of Life service for Mandisa on Saturday, April 27, Hundley told the church, "Here's what I think happened."

"Mandisa fell down in her bedroom," he began to explain, according to a report from the Christian Post. "They found her on the floor. If you look from the rear of her bed, she was laying on the left side. It’s clear that’s where she was laying, there was a couple of big rugs there and some clothes."

He went on to say that he found Mandisa's cell phone on the opposite side of her bed, making it impossible for her to call for help.

"She did not harm herself," the grieving father insisted. "As she said, Mandisa loved the Lord and the Lord loved Mandisa."

That's when he shared something with the congregation that he believed many people "may not have known."

"She told me some time ago that she had gotten COVID-19 and she had been weak trying to get over that," he stated. "But she was trying to press through. We talked so much on Easter morning, but I thought she was going to this conference, and so I had not called her recently, but I've talked to her a lot."

"May she rest in peace now," Hundley concluded.

Last week, the Franklin Police Department shared an update on Mandisa's death, noting that while the cause of death is still unclear, "there is no indication the death was the result of suspicious or criminal activity."

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