Fans Say They Need to Get 'Hosed Down' After Seeing Travis Kelce Work at a Car Wash

Travis Kelce has kept a full calendar during the NFL offseason—and most recently, he visited one of his side gigs to help wash cars.

In a video the Kansas City Chiefs tight end shared via TikTok, Kelce manned a power washer and jumped right in to help clean vehicles at a Club Car Wash, of which he became a partial owner in 2021.

"Summer job SZN," he declared in overlain text on the Monday, June 10 upload. Meanwhile, "Work" by ATEEZ played in the background.

The clip showed Kelce, 34, high-five an office worker before directing traffic inside the car wash and smiling while spraying off vehicles. In one shot, he playful thrusted his hips before returning to work.

"Get your ride looking right for the summer at Club Car Wash," Kelce wrote in his TikTok caption. "They trained me well."

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In the comments, TikTok users joked about the frequency at which they would suddenly visit their local car wash if Kelce worked there. One person wrote, "'Ma'am you've gotten your car washed 12 times today.. you good?' 🤭."

Another commented, "Imagine just pulling up to a car wash and THE travis kelce being there."

Someone else joked, "If I saw Travis Kelce at my car wash, we both gettin wet! ❤️❤️❤️," while another TikTok user pointed out, "The guys at my local car wash do nottttt look like that. 😩."

"I don't even care if my car is clean," one fan declared. "Hell, can I just bring myself to get hosed down?"

Meanwhile, someone else commented, "The way I'd risk leaving my window open for a high five 🤣🤣."

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