Ex-school officer accused of raping 2 teens in West Richland. One was a former student

A former Yakima school resource officer is now facing charges for a sexual relationship with a teen girl and for raping her drunk friend.

Prosecutors filed charges on Thursday against Elias Huizar, 39, of West Richland, for second-degree rape, third-degree child rape, as well as two counts of providing alcohol to minors.

Huizar is out of the Benton County jail after posting a $200,000 bond.

He is expected to back in court Feb. 15 to enter a plea to the charges.

Police began investigating the claims when Huizar’s 17-year-old girlfriend, their 9-month-old son and her teenage friend approached Benton County sheriff’s deputies in Benton City on Feb. 3, according to court documents.

Elias Huizar
Elias Huizar

They claimed that Huizar sexually assaulted the younger teen while she was unconscious after drinking at his home.

When West Richland police went to his home on Highlands Boulevard, he refused to open the door and triggering a two-hour standoff until the Tri-Cities Regional SWAT team forced their way into the house.

His girlfriend’s age raised questions from prosecutors, who felt it was likely that they had a sexual relationship before she could legally consent.

But according to court documents, this wasn’t the first time rumors about a sexual relationship between the couple had surfaced.

When he was a school resource officer at her school, he got a protection order against the then 13-year-old girl after she allegedly told others they had a sexual relationship.

Protection order

Huizar was working as a Washington Middle School school resource officer in Yakima in 2019 when he sought the protection order.

In the application for the order, he claimed the girl told her friends in March 2019 that she was in a relationship with Huizar. The students reported it to the principal, but she denied making the statements.

Reports surfaced again after the girl allegedly sent social medial messages to others that she was dating Huizar and that they had sex. This time the school district and police department were informed.

The girl denied sending the messages, saying her account was hacked.

“A criminal investigation was completed by the Attorney General’s Office and the case was unfounded,” Huizar wrote in his petition for the protection order. “(She) was then expelled from school.”

Huizar was removed from the school so the girl could return. According to the order, police searched her phone and found “numerous photos” she took when he wasn’t aware. She also allegedly had photos from his and his wife’s Facebook pages.

The girl also contacted Huizar’s wife, according to the petition for the order.

Then Yakima County Judge Gayle Harthcock approved the order which prevented her from coming within 500 feet of him or his wife or children for a year.

Huizar and his wife split in 2020 in what appeared to be an acrimonious divorce.

While divorce paperwork and protection order applications claim he suffers from depression, post-traumatic stress and other mental health issues, it did not include any claims about his relationship with a teen.

Reconnected in 2022

Court documents claim Huizar’s current girlfriend told investigators he reached out to her 2022 when she was 15 and they began meeting in his home in West Richland.

She soon became pregnant, and their baby was born in April 2023.

She started living with him and was 17 when her younger friend was there on Feb. 2 and they were drinking.

The younger girl felt sick and laid down and her friend stayed with her. Both were both asleep when Huizar’s girlfriend woke to find Huizar allegedly assaulting her friend.

The teens left with the baby in Huizar’s truck and he followed them, the documents said. Huizar kept driving when they stopped to talk with a Benton County sheriff’s deputy.

West Richland police were notified and went to Huizar’s home, but he refused to come outside and officers had to force their way inside.