Oliver Hudson Clarifies Comments About Mom Goldie Hawn: There's ‘No Trauma’

Oliver Hudson clarified his comments about mom Goldie Hawn after saying he experienced “trauma” in his childhood — and said that’s not what he meant at all.

During the Monday, April 1, episode of his “Sibling Revelry” podcast with sister Kate Hudson, Oliver, 47, explained that he was referring to things he experienced as “trauma” when he was a child.

“I’m even afraid to talk about it to inflame this even more, because everything is taken so far out of context,” he told Kate, 44. “If you listen to the whole thing, it’s more about my child feelings in that moment rather than me and how I feel about Mom as a parent.”

Oliver went on to detail the deep love he has for Hawn, 78. “I don’t know who I would be without my mother,” he said. “I can’t even fathom it. The love that I have for her and the respect and the reverence that I have for her is beyond anything. So, it was just completely taken out of context.”

Kate, meanwhile, joked that she knew “immediately” her brother’s comments would make headlines. “You used such clickbait words,” she quipped. “I can’t leave my brother alone for a second!”

Oliver Hudson Clarifies Trauma Comments About Mom Goldie Hawn 2
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The siblings were referring to a March episode of their podcast where Oliver discussed doing a course with the Hoffman Institute during a chat with guest Bode Miller.

“You’re unpacking the patterns that were put upon you from your parents and stepparents,” Oliver explained. “This course was all about understanding what those patterns were and kind of learning how to break through them and building your toolbox.”

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Oliver said he thought the course would be focused on his dad, Bill Hudson, and stepdad, Kurt Russell, the latter of whom was his primary father figure. To his surprise, however, Hawn came up the most.

“My mother was the one that I had almost the most trauma about interestingly enough because she was my primary caregiver and I was with her all of the time,” he said. “I felt unprotected at times. She would be working. She had new boyfriends that I didn’t really like. She would be living her life and she was an amazing mother. This is my own perception as a child who didn’t have a dad and needed her to be there and she just wasn’t sometimes, and she came out far more than even my dad who wasn’t there.”

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Speaking on Monday’s episode, Oliver said that the word “trauma” was probably the reason that his comments became a bigger deal than he meant for them to be.

“You say that word and immediately it inflames everything,” he told Kate. “There was no trauma coming from my mother, the way she raised me, in any way whatsoever. You’re speaking from a 5, 6-year-old perspective — that’s what I was doing. Without her, again, I’d be nothing.”

He joked that he has no plans to address his family life again on the podcast. “In retrospect, I’m just gonna shut the f–k up from now on,” he quipped. “I’m not, I’m not really. I can’t help it.”