The Ending Of Netflix’s ‘From Scratch’ Will Make You Sob

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Does Lino Die At The End Of 'From Scratch?'Netflix - Netflix

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Netflix's new limited series, From Scratch, has it all: romance, travel, and prime cooking content. Oh, and it will make you cry buckets.

From Scratch, which dropped on Oct. 21 and now ranks no. 2 on the streamer's charts, follows a young artist named Amy (played by Zoe Saldaña) in Florence. She meets a chef named Lino, (played by Eugenio Mastrandrea) and they embark on a passionate affair. They fall madly, deeply in love, and they eventually decide to move to Los Angeles together, so that Amy can pursue her art career.

Lino initially struggles in the U.S. and feels that "the city has no center. But their love seems to overcome the culture shock, the trailer hints. They make it work, prioritizing each other's artistic dreams while starting a family together.

The show is happy ending material...until Lino gets sick. Like, really sick. Warning: this show is a major tear-jerker, so grab the tissue box and don't let it go! You'll be kept on your toes throughout the entire series and prepare for your heartstrings to be yanked in every which way.

If you're not a fan of surprises, you've come to the right place. Here is everything to know about Lino and whether or not he dies in From Scratch.

Who is Lino?

Lino is a Sicilian chef who Amy meets while studying abroad in Italy. After falling in love with Amy, Lino moves to America with her and starts to live out his dream of owning his own restaurant, per Distractify.

Lino is based on a character from Tempi Locke's memoir, From Scratch: A Memoir of Love, Sicily, and Finding Home, according to Decider, . Locke wrote about her personal experience with love and the loss of her husband Saro Gullo, who died in 2012.

Lino and his health issues are said to be based on Saro's experience.

What happens to Lino?

While living in America, Lino is diagnosed with a cancer tissue called leiomyosarcoma in his knee, per Distractify. He then goes through chemotherapy and gets knee surgery to stop the cancer's growth. Both procedures make it difficult for Lino to stand, walk, and cook.

Although it initially seems like Lino could make a full recovery, his cancer comes back seven years later after many rounds of chemo, an experimental trial, and surgery, per The Cinemaholic. This time, the cancer has spread to his lungs.

Amy and their adoptive daughter, Idalia, stand by him the whole time.

Amy and Lino in Netflix’s From Scratch.Netflix - Netflix

Does Lino die at the end of 'From Scratch'?

Sadly, yes. After frustrating encounters with many doctors, Amy and Lino decide to put him on hospice and keep Lino at home.

The cancer spreads, and he dies surrounded by those he loved, according to Vulture.

The final few episodes are absolutely heartbreaking. In the end, Amy and Idalia return to Italy to visit Lino's family. His mother helps Amy to realize that Lino gave her a home and a family across the globe while reminding her of the place where they first found love.

Tune in to Netflix to fall in love with all the From Scratch characters. I guarantee you'll be both starved for some delicious Italian cuisine and sobbing by the second episode...but in a good way.

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