Emily Osment and Montana Jordan on 'Beautiful' 'Young Sheldon' Series Finale and Upcoming Spinoff (Exclusive)

Emily Osment and Montana Jordan are promising an emotional end to Young Sheldon.

ET spoke to the series' stars -- who play Mandy and Georgie, respectively -- at CBS' Fall Schedule Celebration on Thursday, and they teased what fans can expect from the hour-long finale on May 16.

"I don't think anyone's ready for the finale," Osment told ET. "It's really gonna hit you where it hurts. It's such a beautiful ending to this show. I'm just grateful I got to be part of it."

Jordan, meanwhile, called the end "bittersweet," but noted that the show's upcoming spinoff, Georgie and Mandy’s First Marriage, "kind of helps" temper emotions.

"I'm thankful and blessed that they blessed us with this opportunity," he said of the spinoff, which will start shooting this summer. "It kind of helps get your mind off of it a little bit."

"It does, yes," Osment agreed. "We're fortunate in that way where we've got something sweet to look forward to."

Montana Jordan and Emily Osment

Montana Jordan and Emily Osment attend the CBS New Fall Schedule Celebration event in May 2024.

Francis Specker/CBS via Getty Images

As for what the spinoff will be like, Osment said, "It's going to be a surprise for us as well, but that's part of it. We don't know until right before we start shooting."

While they may not know much just yet, Osment and Jordan said they're hoping to derive "good luck" from shooting the new show on The Big Bang Theory's sound stage and having it air during Young Sheldon's timeslot.

"Young Sheldon, it was relatable," Jordan said. "I hope to see how people can relate to him, because I think that was a success of Young Sheldon."


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