Elizabeth Hurley Used to Bicker With Ex Hugh Grant About Having Kids, Now He's Godfather to Her Son

Elizabeth Hurley says having a child with Hugh Grant was never on the table for them, but that they did discuss what a prospective baby of theirs would look like.

In a new interview with Andy Cohen on his SiriusXM show, the 58-year-old actress-model opened up about her 13-year relationship with Grant, 63, and his newfound happiness as a father of five. Hurley has one child of her own, Damian Hurley, whom she welcomed in 2002 with Steve Bing. Cohen, 55, asked the Serving Sara star if she was surprised at all about her ex-boyfriend being a doting father after taking on the role of godfather to Damian.

"Yeah, kind of. He's got five. He's a very good dad," Hurley told the Bravo celebrity and dad of two. "He has five children that worship him. They adore him. They sit on Daddy's knee and all that stuff."

Elizabeth Hurley and Hugh Grant

Elizabeth Hurley and Hugh Grant, who dated for 13 years before splitting in 2000.

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When asked if she and Grant -- who dated from the mid-1980s to 2000, even withstanding a cheating scandal in 1995 when he was arrested with sex worker Divine Brown -- had ever had conversations about becoming parents together, Hurley had a blunt response for the Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen host.

"Never," Hurley stated, shocking Cohen and prompting him to quickly follow up and ask how the actress feels watching her former partner of more than a decade become a dad of five. He also asked if any part of her looks back longingly, wishing they had welcomed a baby or two of their own.

"You know, you'd think all that, but of course had that happened, I wouldn't have baby [Damian], so you could never regret anything," Hurley explained. "Of course, we used to think about it because we used to fight all day. We used to look in the mirror next to each other and say, 'It would have to be my eyes.' 'No, my eyes.' 'Your hair?' 'No, my hair. I've got a much better mouth.'"

She added, "So, we used to bicker for hours about who would look like who and, of course, none of his children look like him as it happened."

"I do, bizarrely," replied Damian, prompting his mom to add, "Yeah, he does. "Damian's biological father, film producer Steve Bing, died by suicide in June 2020.

Despite their public split in 2000, Hurley and Grant remained close friends and Damian says that he benefitted from the amicable relationship between exes. According to the 22-year-old, he used Grant and his mom's other famous friends throughout his childhood as he began his journey to become a filmmaker, relying on them to star in his short films.

Hugh Grant and Damian Hurley

Hugh Grant and Damian Hurley in a photo from 2011.

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"When I was eight, I got my first camcorder and I started writing and directing short films, torturing every long-suffering family member, friend, my godfather, Hugh, mom's ex. Everyone I could get my hands on, and so my mom was the star of many, many of those," Damian told Cohen. "I tortured him [Grant]. He was phenomenal. So loyal, so kind. He played a corrupt judge. I made him run through, well, hang on. Where were we? Zurich Airport."

Damian said that he had his godfather -- one of six notable names including Elton John, David Furnish, Denis Leary, Teddy Forstmann and Henry Dent-Brocklehurst, who serve as a parental figure for Hurley's only child -- run around the airport with a fake knife for one of his short films and that while they were almost arrested, Grant was nothing but respectful and loyal.

Back in 2017, Hurley opened up to ET about her enduring friendship with Grant, saying they have put in the effort to stay close over the decades, even as they have gone on to other relationships.

"We are best friends," she shared at the time. "We look out for each other."

Hugh Grant Elizabeth Hurley

Elizabeth Hurley and Hugh Grant


The 22-year-old's filmmaking aspirations have only grown since that early short film shot at the Switzerland airport as he is currently promoting his film, Strictly Confidential, which his mother stars in. The mother and son recently sat down with ET and spoke about Damian's official directorial debut.

"You made me a promise when I was eight years old and I was making my little short films, running around with a camcorder and torturing every lone suffering family member or friend I could get my hands on," Damian said. "You promised me that if I ever made a real movie, you would be in it and so I thought I'd call you on your promise, and you delivered.

The film follows Hurley as a grieving mother who brings her late daughter's friends together as they all mourn her death. Ultimately, an illicit relationship is born, leading to some risqué scenes featuring the Austin Powers actress. The pair agreed that while it may have been a little strange, they had a bigger picture -- literally and figuratively -- to keep in mind.

"We just didn't have time," Damian said of worrying about those scenes. "Shooting an independent film, every second counts, every minute matters. All that’s going on in your mind is, 'Oh my god, how are we gonna make the day? We're losing the light. There are mosquitos dive bombing, cicadas ruining all the sound takes.' I think that scene was one of seven we shot that day. It was the last thing on my mind. We just had to get the scene, make it beautiful, and get on to the next 12 scenes that day."

Strictly Confidential is in theaters, on digital and on demand April 5.


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