Dolphin Returns to Dock to Greet Golden Retriever in Real-Life Disney Story

CC Irina No/Shutterstock

At this point, we're convinced that there isn't a person, or animal, alive that can't resist a dog's charm. And we mean no one. Not even a dang dolphin, who was completely smitten with a Golden named Tula. The two are the best of friends.

Tula's owner, @morgiepb, could barely believe how well the two got along. It even seemed like the dolphin was waiting for the dog and her owner to return to a nearby pier so they could play.

The woman exclaimed when they saw the dolphin swimming in the water.

"The dolphin is back and look how shallow [the water] is," she said in the clip. "It really is like it was just waiting there for Tula to come say hi," she added. "It's never sat still like that or come that shallow," she explained.

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Amazingly, the Golden Retriever jumped right into the water and the two started swimming together. Isn't that precious? Well not everyone agreed.

Some people thought their friendship was too cute. "Get Tula a life vest so she can play for longer," suggested one commenter. "You need a ball for the dolphin to play with!" added someone else. "Dolphin def likes her. Dolphins are very social," chimed in a third person.

But some people thought the Golden owner should beware. "Ahhh dolphins can’t be trusted all that well nonetheless very adorable," advised one person. "Dolphins seem so playful and innocent, but they are not to be trusted, "someone else wrote. "Dolphins can be aggressive, be careful," a third person agreed. While another commenter put it bluntly: "Sis dolphins are evil," they wrote.

Are Dolphins Evil?

Aggressive is one thing, but that even possible? Despite their reputation as beloved sea creatures, there's more than meets the eye when it comes to dolphins.

According to Slate, dolphins aren't really all that affable. These guys have been known to kill other sea life, like porpoise babies. Heck, they've even been known to kill their own babies. In fact, some scientists believe that dolphins kill porpoises as merely practice for when they kill their own babies — talk about nightmare fuel. It's not clear why they kill their young, although it's possible that they do so to prepare for their next pregnancy, but nothing has been proven.

If that's not creepy enough, dolphins can stay awake for five days straight without losing mental acuity. That means there's essentially no hiding from them when they're on the hunt.

Let's be real, Lisa Frank didn't prepare us for dolphins to be killers. And while we can't decide if dolphins are definitively "evil," we can all agree it's certainly not a good look.

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