Dollywood Has a Brand-New Cinnamon Bread

It's even cuter than the original.

<p>Getty Images/Allrecipes</p>

Getty Images/Allrecipes

We’re still recovering from learning that Dolly Parton’s favorite Dollywood treat isn’t cinnamon bread, despite it being one of the most iconic theme park eats in the world and arguably the park's most popular snack.

“Last year—and we’ll beat that this year—but last year, if you took one cinnamon loaf and put it side by side, we sold enough that would reach 80 miles,” said chef Mattew Poorman, Dollywood’s Director of Culinary Operations. “Cinnamon bread is our number one seller.”

If you're at Dollywood on a weekend, the line to buy cinnamon bread from Grist Mill can sometimes feel 80 miles long. But now, there’s a new spot to snag cinnamon bread in the park, but it’s a little different. Literally.

Dollywood's New Mini Cinnamon Bread

For all the cinnamon bread fans out there, we’ve got big news from the Smokies. Dollywood is now selling mini cinnamon bread. Yes, that’s right. Teeny, tiny snack-sized loaves of cinnamon bread. We're firm believers that some things just taste better bite sized (and even have one of the largest collections of mini-food recipes on the internet), so we definitely screamed when Dollywood gave us a sneak peek of the new mini cinnamon bread. It's available at Splinter's Funnel Cakes up on top of the park's hill.

“Guests love our world-famous cinnamon bread so much that we’ve wanted to provide them with more locations in which to find it,” said chef Poorman. “By having the mini-loaf at Splinter’s, we’re able to provide a cinnamon bread offering in an area of the park we were unable to before. The best part is that the unmistakable sweet smell of cinnamon and sugar is also available in more areas than ever before!”

Each snack loaf is $8.99. It’s the perfect answer to cinnamon bread cravings without having to lug a whole box around the park. It’s also a more budget-friendly way to sample this iconic treat as traditional loaves are now more than $14.

But here’s where this pint-size version differs from the original: condiments. The mini cinnamon bread will not come with a choice of icing or apple butter. Instead, each little loaf is topped with a generous dusting of powdered sugar, making it much easier to eat on the go as you zip around Dollywood. 

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