D.L. Hughley condemns Kanye West's antisemitic remarks: 'He sounds a lot like a white supremacist'

Comedian D.L. Hughley appeared Wednesday on Cuomo and weighed in on antisemitic comments repeatedly made by rapper Kanye West in recent days. Forty-eight hours earlier, Ye appeared on the show and refused to listen when Chris Cuomo pushed back against the rapper’s “Jewish underground media mafia” remarks.

“I think that ultimately, the only place you can hear the kind of rhetoric that Kanye espoused is in the farthest reaches of the blogosphere. If you sound like a white supremacist, you pretty much are one,” Hughley said. “And he seems to have a disdain for the same people that they do, which is people that are Black, and Jews. So I think he sounds a lot like a white supremacist.”

Earlier Wednesday, Howard Stern said that Ye’s mental state is no excuse for his repeated slanderous comments, and Hughley agreed.

“You can’t ascribe it to mental illness when he has access to some of the most powerful — rich, powerful white dudes in the world, and some of the most powerful artists in the world,” Hughley said. “So I don’t know what more support he would need.”

Back in March, following remarks Hughley made about Ye’s divorce from Kim Kardashian, Ye responded with a threat via Instagram, writing, “I can afford to hurt you,” among other things. But Hughley said he has been done with Ye for years, since the rapper said slavery was a choice in 2018.

“I was done with Kanye when he said what he said about slavery,” Hughley said, adding, “I think, ultimately, he’s indulged a lot because he makes great music. I would rather hear a horrible artist — I mean a decent artist who is a good dude than a great artist who seems to espouse all the rhetoric of a horrible man.”

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