Three-Day Cruises: Choosing the Right One

three day cruises

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Are you thinking about taking a cruise but only have a small time frame to travel? Then the three-day cruise may be the perfect option for you.

About Three-Day Cruises

Three-day cruises are popular for those wanting a brief weekend getaway without spending a lot of money. Even ocean view and balcony accommodations are typically very affordable on these types of cruises. For example, the well-regarded Norwegian Sky has popular balcony accommodations for their September three-day cruises to the Bahamas available for a very reasonable $300 as of this writing.

Destinations for three-day cruises are fairly typical, including the Bahamas, Brazil, and South Africa. These cruises typically make short runs from nearby ports, offering one to two stops at ports along the route. What kind of experience you desire - more or less time on the ship - will largely determine what type of three-day cruise you choose.

Finding Three-Day Cruises Online

If you want to view a list of most of the major large- and mid-size ships sailing on three-day cruises (regardless of where it goes or departs from) in 2011, here's one method:

1. Start your search at the search page.

2. Skip down to the "Where would you like to go?" section. Choose a length of "3 Days" from the drop-down menu. If you want to exclude river cruises, you can remove the check next to the appropriate box in this section. Afterwards, click the "Search Cruises" button.

3. You'll likely want to see everything on one page. At the top of the results, change the "Number per page" to "100" and select the "Apply" button. This should fit all available three-day cruises on one page, in order of first sail date. You can also choose a different way to sort the results for your convenience.

Of course you can modify your search results if you have a month or destination in mind. This method simply gives you a better idea of the different types of three-day cruises offered. If we sort the original results by departure city, we find cruises leaving from many parts of the world: Durban, Los Angeles, Miami, Port Canaveral, and Sao Paulo are only a few of the starting points available.

You can also try to look at three-day cruises available in 2011. Sadly the site doesn't have the same granular search option as CruiseCompete; you can only search for three- to six-night cruises in one block. Thankfully the site sorts the options by number of days, putting the three-day cruises first. (As of this writing, you can find them all on the first three pages of the search results.) CruiseDirect doesn't list quite as many options as CruiseCompete, but it does an excellent job of clearly pricing each individual cruise based on the type of accommodations you desire.

Finally, don't forget to check in with us from time to time through our Cruise Travel & Deals page.

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