Cruises from New York

Cruises from New York

Few cities in the United States capture the imagination of travelers like New York City. As a city built by immigrants arriving by boat in the nineteenth and twentieth century, it should be no surprise that The Big Apple continues its strong port tradition today. Cruises from New York make up a significant portion of that port traffic.

While cruises departing New York are common and attractive to locals, it seems that visitors to the city make up the majority of cruise passengers. According to a recent New York Times article, nearly four-fifths of all cruise passengers originate outside the New York metropolitan area, and they typically spend at least two nights in New York City as part of their vacation. With so many things to do in New York, you can't blame vacationers for wanting to relax and enjoy the city's culture. (Giving yourself some downtime before and after a cruise is never a bad idea anyway.)

But when it comes to New York cruises, which companies service the area? There are two ports within the city: the Manhattan Cruise Terminal and Brooklyn's Red Hook Pier 12. There's also a third port only seven miles away from Manhattan: the Cape Liberty Cruise Port in Bayonne, NJ. Here's the breakdown of the cruise lines from these ports:

Cruises from New York: Manhattan

Crystal Cruises
Holland America
Norwegian Cruise Line

Cruises from New York: Brooklyn

Princess Cruises

Cruises from New Jersey: Bayonne

Celebrity Cruises
Royal Caribbean

The peak time for arrivals and departures from these ports is May through October. New York cruises departing from these ports have a wide variety of destinations. The Baltic, Bermuda, Canada, the Caribbean and Europe are all popular destinations, as is the entire Eastern Seaboard of the United States. Also of note are the numerous daily sightseeing and dinner cruises available from smaller companies like Skyline Cruises. With such a wide variety of cruises during all times of the year, cruise fans should be able to find a suitable New York cruise all year long.

If you wish to cruise from New York, there are a couple of places I recommend for finding cruise deals. I've mentioned several times in the last month or so, but for good reason. While the site lacks a certain level of slickness, the search features are powerful, allowing users to find the perfect cruise from New York. (Or any other major departure city for that matter...) You can also find New York cruise deals through AOL Travel's deal search.

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