Come discover why this Labrador mix is a favorite with the staff at Wayside Waifs

Ruby Tuesday

Breed: Labrador retriever mix with heterochromia

Age: 4 years old

She’s not just a famous Rolling Stones song, she’s the absolute bestest girl around. She’s friendly, affectionate and loves to have fun. She was brought to Wayside when her previous owner was moving and couldn’t bring her.

A shelter can be a stressful place for an active girl like Ruby, but she’s involved in many activities to keep her happy. Being a staff and volunteer favorite, she gets to go on a lot of field trips and does great in the car. She enjoys exploring the local parks and trails, so if you’re looking for a hiking buddy, you’ve found her. She also enjoys water activities when the weather cooperates. While this active dog loves a game of fetch, she’s also content to curl up and be a couch potato. If you are looking for a quirky, silly, smart, athletic girl, ask for Ruby Tuesday. She’s been on TV a time or two as well, so you’re getting a famous star as well.


Breed: Domestic shorthair (tabby)

Age: 5 years old

Treva is an independent kitty looking for a home where she can relax, but also explore her surroundings. She loves active toys, so be sure to find her some wand or movable toys. She can self-entertain as well. She also loves to watch birds, whether that be on a TV screen or through a window.

Adopt her, and you’ll hear her sweet little voice greeting you. She prefers to be the only cat in the house, but as long as you do slow introductions, she may entertain another feline. If Treva sounds like the perfect kitty for you, head on down to Wayside and ask to meet her.

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