Columbia's Tri-County Liquidators unite indie rock, punk and hardcore on stellar new EP

"Shining Through" EP
"Shining Through" EP

Waves of guitar open the new EP from Tri-County Liquidators, instantly assuring there will be no let up or let down from the Columbia four-piece.

On the heels of their aptly-named debut "Cut My Teeth," among the best records made in Missouri last year, the band returns with this brief set; "Shining Through" clocks in at just under 12 minutes of music, but surveys a wide, rare swath of rock 'n' roll territory in its time.

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Although only four songs, "Shining Through" might easily be heard in halves, or sides. The first two cuts form a dreamy, deceptively complex pair. That opener, "Walk by the Water," establishes a groove deep enough to house and hold bassist Marielle Carlos' hazy, entrancing vocals.

Owing to pioneers like the Pixies and modern emo peers, the band doesn't so much rage and recede, but creates a welcome push-pull, from space and simplicity to the intricate hum of moving parts. Drummer Anthony Wilkerson's work here is essential to the feel.

Guitarist Matt Hall then takes the mic on "Spillinghead," which forms a winning slice of psychedelic pop.

Tri-County Liquidators
Tri-County Liquidators

The EP's second couplet is more frenetic and visceral. "Like I Do" skates punk-rock asphalt while the melody, just beneath the surface of the mix, still soars. Guitarist Spenser Rook and Carlos lay their vocals in the just-enough space afforded them.

Closer "Unholy Desecration" fulfills all the promise of that name, with guitars wrapped in a dark doomsday sound and the rhythm section bashing out hardcore values — which extend to Rook's growling, howling vocals.

"Shining Through" proves Tri-County Liquidators won't run out of ideas anytime soon; more than this, the band's creativity feels nearly fathomless and its members execute the vision for each song and each section with verve.

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