Check Out Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman Abs In A Hilarious New IG Video 👀

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  • Gal Gadot, 37, flaunted her super toned abs in a silly Instagram post this week.

  • The Wonder Woman actress posted a video of herself jumping on a bed, showing off her six-pack abs.

  • Gal likes "laid back" exercises she can do from her home gym, and does a lot of core work.

When there’s a huge bed right in front of you, it’s kind of impossible to not even think of jumping on it. Well, Gal Gadot just went for it, and her enthusiasm is so infectious.

The 37-year-old actress shared a video of herself on Instagram jumping on a bed, while whipping out all kinds of moves. There’s Gal doing jumping jacks, a robot arm move, and flopping on her knees—all while flashing six-pack abs in a knotted tee and slouchy jeans. It’s all set to House of Pain’s “Jump Around” and it’s clear she’s having so. much. fun.

“Jump 🛏️😜🤸♀️,” the Wonder Woman star wrote in the caption. People cheered her on in the comments. “Wonder Woman being herself,” one said, while another chimed in with, “Good exercise.” They’re right—jumping on the bed (or a trampoline) is a quick way to get your HR up fast, but that’s not all Gal does for fitness.

Her trainer Magnus Lygdback previously told Women’s Health that she did some pretty intense workouts to get ready for Wonder Woman 1984. The two did hour-long resistance training sessions together five days a week, for a whole year.

Gal focused on different muscle groups on any given day to mix things up. “I'm a big fan of working different parts of the body every day so your body gets to recover and rest in between,” Lygdback previously told WH. In addition to that, Gal also did things like HIIT training on a stationary bike and treadmill three times a week.

Lygdback told The Hollywood Reporter that these moves were in the mix, too: “Leg press, front dumbbell squats, skaters, and skate jumps—that’s such a good one because it recruits fast-twitch muscle fibers and works all three of the glute muscles. Pull-ups, lateral raises, and a ton of core work.” (Note the abs… .)

When she’s not gearing up for a movie, Gal told Shape that her workout routine is a little more laidback. “I like to do interval training, and I'm super grateful that I can do those workouts in my gym at home," she said. "I try to get to it every day, but sometimes it's more like three to four times a week.”

Gal is currently in pre-production for Wonder Woman 3 (along with a bunch of other movies), so it’s highly likely she’s back to her intense training again.

On the food front, Lygdback told The Hollywood Reporter that Gal focused on proteins like lamb, organic grass-fed beef, fish, and chicken—paired with complex carbs, good fats, and loads of vegetables. Hydration is important to Gal, too. She previously told Shape that she wakes up and drinks water “like a camel” to make sure she’s well hydrated for her day.

Keep doing you, Gal!

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