Buffalo Bills fan found naked, covered in human waste after falling down hole by Highmark Stadium

An unidentified football fan who was naked and "covered in human excrement" was discovered in a construction site hole near the Buffalo Bills home opener on Sunday. The extent of his injuries was a cut on his forehead, according to WBEN.

Bills Mafia is well-regarded as one of the greatest American sports fanbases. They're rowdy, unpredictable, passionate, and yet humble enough to keep out of other fanbases' doghouses. Whether it's jumping onto tables, going shirtless in the dead of winter, or shoveling players' driveways so they can get to the airport, Buffalo Bills fans have always found ways to one-up everyone else in America. That said, there are still some less than savory individuals making news.

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This entire thread is a rollercoaster. I am just glad I was tall enough to join the Erie County Sheriff's Department on that ride. Right when you think it is over, one more unbelievable factoid gets thrown at you that reels you back into the narrative.

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How did the Bills fan fall into the hole?

According to the thread, the unnamed fan is a 29-year-old male, who jumped over a fence by the stadium construction site on the west side of Highmark Stadium. He fell 30-40 feet and sustained only a cut on his forehead. But wait, there's more.

The fan was naked and covered in human excrement he had found in an on-site porta potty, a double whammy. As you can probably assume, he was under the influence of drugs and alcohol, a combo of LSD, cocaine, and marijuana.

Once the rescue team arrived on scene, it took approximately 20 minutes to get the fan out of the hole and to Erie County Medical Center, where he was treated for a short time before being transferred to Buffalo General. There was no mention of how long the man was trapped in the hole, although the thread does state that the first call concerning the man came in at 12:18 p.m. local time.

The man is still being evaluated and has been issued an appearance ticket in the Town of Orchard Park for criminal trespass.

The construction for the Bills' new stadium, named New Highmark Stadium, is happening west of current Highmark Stadium, just across Abbott Road and just south of Community College Drive, in what used to be called Parking Lot 3. We are unsure where the hole in question is exactly in that lot.

Unfortunately for the man in question, he did not get to witness his Bills dominate the Las Vegas Raiders 38-10. The team is now 1-1 and will be on the road for Week 3 against the Washington Commanders.

We will continue to monitor and update this story as we get more details.

Bills' fans prepare for their team's home opener against the Las Vegas Raiders
Bills' fans prepare for their team's home opener against the Las Vegas Raiders

This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: Intoxicated fan falls into New Highmark construction site prior to Bills game