Brockton Campanelli ranch-style home that sold for $420K is in great location

BROCKTON − A house on Packard Way sold for $500,000, topping this week's list of real estate transactions for single-family houses in the city.

A Colonial on Holly Lane in Bridgewater sold for $720,000. This home boasts many amenities, including a primary bedroom with his and her closets and ensuite bathroom with jacuzzi tub, according to the real estate listing.

On Belmont Street in East Bridgewater, a renovated multi-level home sold for $495,000. This three-bedroom home has a new kitchen loaded with custom cabinets and quartz counter tops and a large family room with slider to deck overlooking the backyard.

A ranch-style home on Kevin Road that sold for $420,000 is a "great home in a great location," according to the real esate listing.

Here are the property transactions recorded for the week of Jan. 22 to Jan. 26, 2024, in the Brockton area, according to The Warren Group.


17 Adley Drive, 17 Adley Dr Realty Trust and Thomas F. Ford to Alyson M. Sullivan-Almeida and George C. Almeida, $850,000, Jan. 22, single family.


49 Fletcher St., Nalee Yang to Simon Sainthubert and K. Sainthubert-Barreau, $425,000, Jan. 22, single family.


2105 Pleasant St., Greenhalge Janice L. Est and Nicolas Greenhalge to Helder Coelho, $150,000, Jan. 22, single family.

40 Holly Lane, Matthew and Heather Kinnealey to Line Isaac, $720,000, Jan. 26, single family.

298 High St., James G. Lawrence to Jillian Smith, $450,000, Jan. 23, single family.


99 Packard Way, Guaman Investments Limited Liability Co. to Sandra and Ovilus Vertusmat, $500,000, Jan. 23, single family.

45 Oakside Ave., Kathleen M. Hill to William Carreiro Jr., $475,000, Jan. 26, single family.

84 Division St., Felicia Uzoma-Okonkwo to Estelle and Renique Lubin, $450,500, Jan. 26, single family.

53 Holbrook Ave., Bbc Capital Group Limited Liability Co. to Melissa Culmer and Marie Mongerard-Culmer, $450,000, Jan. 24, single family.

22 Shaw Road, Manuel and Amarildes L. Andrade to Agnes and Wisnel Dumornay, $450,000, Jan. 24, single family.

244 Liberty St. Unit 4, Pt Color Realty Limited Liability Co. to J. & E. Liberty St Realty II, $350,000, Jan. 24.

22 Emmet St., Audrey L. Marzelli to Alicia Fernandes, $515,000, Jan. 24.

453 Centre St., 453 Centre St (nominal trust) and Joseph Romano to Amedja Property Group Limited Liability Co., $1,500,000, Jan. 23.

149 Kevin Road, Raeline and Jean Demulis to Jeremiah Derolus, $420,000, Feb. 2, single family.

This house at 149 Kevin Road in Brockton sold for $420,000 on Feb. 2, 2024. (Google Maps, 2019)
This house at 149 Kevin Road in Brockton sold for $420,000 on Feb. 2, 2024. (Google Maps, 2019)


69 Center St., Daniel Ordonez to Ramoni G. Evaristo and Gleiceane H. Dasilva, $650,000, Jan. 23, single family.

East Bridgewater

565 Belmont St., Dependable Hm Soln Limited Liability Co. to Carlos A. Rico and Najera N. Garay, $495,000, Jan. 26, single family.


6 Janet Road Unit 12, Maria Monteiro to Jorge Gomes, $335,000, Jan. 26, condo.

31 Gardner Road, F. & F. Realty Ventures Limited Liability Co. to Kenneth C. and Karolyn J. Gorham, $640,000, Jan. 26, single family.


234 Twin Lakes Drive Unit 234, Jane D. Murphy to Christopher and Rebecca Brett, $360,000, Jan. 23, condo.

Wood St., Grew Family Trust and John A. Grew to Raven Brook Limited Liability Co., $75,000, Jan. 23.

192 Monponsett St., John H. and Jean M. Ibbitson Jr. to Joshua Ibbitson, $400,000, Jan. 24, single family.


54 Kings Landing Way, Anna M. Delaney to Nicole Martin and Diane Byron, $750,000, Jan. 25, single family.

716 High St., Caputo Family Trust and Marianne Caputo to Romulo M. Desouza, $399,000, Jan. 26, single family.


16 Roosevelt Road, Catherine A. Leary to Mento Corp., $320,000, Jan. 25, single family.

21 Bagley Road, Joseph R. Bonin and Us Bank TNa to Michelle Lalicata, $397,000, Jan. 22, single family.

32-34 W. Shore Road, Lamy Investments Limited Liability Co. to Melanie A. Brown, $529,900, Jan. 22.


157 Bedford St., Tamarack Realty Limited Liability Co. to Kantara Real Estae Limited Liability Co., $475,000, Jan. 22.

86 Pickens St., Adams RET and Benjamin H. Adams Jr. to Lynn P. and Benjamin P. Dwane, $714,900, Jan. 22, single family.

57 Long Point Road Unit 308, Lakeville Island Limited Liability Co. to Adam RET and Benjamin H. Adams Jr., $520,000, Jan. 26, condo.

100 Lebaron Blvd Unit 100-2, Residences At Lebaron Hls to Lori Hoyt, $521,190, Jan. 25, condo.

4 Paulines Path, L&b Realty Trust and William R. Logan to Kendyl and Jason Rubeira, $650,000, Jan. 22.

2 Wedge Drive, Residences At Lebaron Hls to Harold O. Fritz, $763,269, Jan. 25.


45 Shields St., Benny Troncoso Corp. to Patricia and Elizabeth Obyrne, $575,000, Jan. 22, single family.

8 Granada Circle, Jeffrey S. and Lexie J. Christian to Ben Stgearard and Keylanelys Pimentel, $760,000, Jan. 25, single family.

265 Fruit St. Unit L101, Curtis Family Trust and Roger S. Curtis to M. H. Bendett & K. Cronx RET and Michael J. Bendett, $125,000, Jan. 22.

121 Balcom St., Mak Enterprises Limited Liability Co. to Robert S. Maraget Jr., $305,000, Jan. 25, single family.


150 Sachem St., Perk Realty Trust and Peter S. Lehtola to Christopher Rogers and Ryan J. Laine, $539,000, Jan. 26, single family.

74 Katrina Road, David and Amy E. Oconnor Jr. to Kevin J. and Colleen Sylvia, $525,000, Jan. 26, single family.


9 Stony Field Road, Christopher and Laura Anderson to Laura E. Anderson, $207,020, Jan. 26, single family.

15 Reservoir St., Susan E. Rich T. and Susan E. Rich to Michael Short, $780,000, Jan. 22, single family.


36 Bentgrass Mist Unit BG, Bentgrass Development Limited Liability Co. to Christine M. Shea, $1,094,778, Jan. 25, condo.

28 Burnside St., Elaine M. Sullivan to Linda M. and Paul J. Resca, $470,000, Jan. 26, single family.

681 State Road Unit 10, 681 State Rd RET and Shayne P. King to Nathaniel T. Sexton, $195,000, Jan. 22, condo.

165 Bartlett Road, Barbara A. Hurney 2002 RET and Barbara A. Humey to Michael A. Viera, $475,000, Jan. 24, single family.

31 Russell St., Stephen P. and Diane L. Wylie to Michelle Larosa and Jared Jacobs, $725,000, Jan. 25, single family.

15 Clay Hill Road, Nancy E. Robertson T. and Ann Robertson to Martin P. and Amanda Joseph 3rd, $540,000, Jan. 23, single family.

51 Boot Pond Road, Keith T. Callanan to Gilvan A. Leite, $470,000, Jan. 23, single family.

Talcott Pnes Lot 10-659, Os Golf Homes Limited Liability Co. to Bruce A. and Susan F. Morris, $405,000, Jan. 25.

51 Donna Drive, Edward M. Merricl 3rd and David Hillery to Willliam Churchill, $650,000, Jan. 25, single family.

207 Samoset St. Unit A9, Jared D. Bettencourt to Edward G. Pratt Jr., $165,000, Jan. 24, condo.


23 Hall St., Emma Mitchell and Wells Fargo Bank Na Tr to Option One Mtg Loan T. 200 and Wells Fargo Bank Na Tr, $272,100, Jan. 22, single family.

12 Milton Terrace, 12 Milton Terrace Realty Trust and Marcelino Amaro to Hudson R. and Santa C. Baez, $540,000, Jan. 24, single family.

29 Toscano Way Unit 29, 502 South Main Hldg Limited Liability Co. to Marie Delgado, $599,000, Jan. 26, condo.

10 Northway Road, Pioneer Investments Limited Liability Co. to Op Real Estate Limited Liability Co., $324,900, Jan. 22, single family.

5 E. Patterson Ave., Wells Construction Limited Liability Co. to Weslon P. Gomes, $720,000, Jan. 26.

92 Union St., Khang V. Pham and Loan T. Tran to Rac Investment Group Limited Liability Co., $650,000, Jan. 24, single family.


8 Britton St., H. D. and Catherine M. Smith 3rd to Ngozi Dominic, $700,000, Jan. 22, single family.


805 Brookline Way Unit 805, Kristin Brett to Adam G. and Alyssa M. Lavoie, $372,000, Jan. 24, condo.

9 Beechwood Lane Unit 9, Alfred Marrocco Family Trust and Laurie Barton to Thomas F. and Kathleen M. Ford, $700,000, Jan. 22, condo.

379 Union St., 379 Union St Limited Liability Co. and Us Bank TCom Na Tr to Deware Financial Limited Liability Co., $460,000, Jan. 22.


292 Island St. Unit 292, Shone Realty Trust and Marjorie L. Simmons to Brandon W. and Angelica Johnson, $490,000, Jan. 22, condo.

Penopscot St., Frank Hampson to Telson Bledman and Josette J. Louis, $10,000, Jan. 25.

88 Cottonwood Drive Unit 88, Jeri E. Katz to Andrei and Tatsiana Dziashkevich, $429,400, Jan. 22, condo.

8 Adams St., Huong T. Tran to Semere Kiros and Naod S. Berhe, $543,000, Jan. 25.


33 Cullen St. Unit B., Jmq Cullen St T. and John M. Quinlan to Tyler S. Gallant, $605,000, Jan. 24, condo.

10 Forest St., L. M. Tavares to Clairhansy Isaac and Elsy Paillant, $489,000, Jan. 23.

60 Joshua Lane, Peter A. Arpin to Marlie Imprevil, $650,000, Jan. 23, single family.

29 Oak Ave., Wesely A. Alves and Helena R. Bisinha to Vanessa C. Lapierre and Marie M. Thibaud, $530,000, Jan. 26.

186 Rachel Drive, Joseph Guerda Est and Ethan Alexandre to Cherline Leon and Frantzlay Menton, $550,000, Jan. 25, single family.

168 Hart St. Unit 30, Dietzler Lorrane Est and Cecilia Dietzler to Serena Pettiford, $300,000, Jan. 25, condo.

199 Hodges St., Miranda F. and Michael C. Robicheau to Nicholas Keene and Bridge Glazier, $550,000, Jan. 26.

1 Karena Drive Unit 4, Matthew E. Eames to Hai T. Ngo, $215,000, Jan. 26, condo.

14-R Meadow St., Sally M. Shaffer to David A. Johnson, $305,000, Jan. 22, single family.

23 Purchase St., Maria L. Nogeuira to Flip Flex Limited Liability Co., $250,000, Jan. 22, single family.

1 Karena Drive Unit 8, Jeffrey L. Stempka Jr. to Alfred Burgo, $156,500, Jan. 22, condo.

33 Cullen St. Unit A., Jmq Cullen St T. and John M. Quinlan to Tyler S. Gallant, $605,000, Jan. 24, condo.

2 3rd Ave., Juli-Ann Amaral to Wichaggi Diendonne and Roode J. Jennot, $610,000, Jan. 23.

21 Anawan St., Claire F. Rague to Shalyn N. Pereira and Christopher E. Rouleau, $420,000, Jan. 24.

485 Tremont St., Emanuel and Allison A. Deandrade to Juli-Ann Amaral and Lawrence Young Jr., $539,000, Jan. 23.

446 Winthrop St., Majk Realty Trust and Kara J. St Germain to Kennedy Acquisitions Limited Liability Co., $400,000, Jan. 25.


11 Starboard Drive Unit 11, Windward Pines II Limited Liability Co. to Timothy D. and Kathleen M. Odonovan, $564,900, Jan. 25, condo.

2880 Cranberry Hwy, Ghg Wareham Land Limited Liability Co. to Marcia G. Ambrosio and Marcelo A. Demeira, $360,000, Jan. 26, single family.

6 Stockton Short Cut St., Dastous Ronald L. Est and Brenda E. Dastous to Clare M. Craig, $570,000, Jan. 25, single family.

255 Onset Ave., Sls Group Limited Liability Co. to Wh Properties Limited Liability Co., $350,000, Jan. 25.

West Bridgewater

548 N. Elm St., 548 North Elm St Realty Trust and Marie Kjelgaard to Tyrus Gorsuch, $500,000, Jan. 25.


611 Plymouth St., Wojciech and Elizabeth Sokolowski to Sean Powell and Kevin Esancy, $795,000, Jan. 22, single family.

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