A 'Bridgerton' Actor Implied He's Leaving the Show in a Super Cryptic Post

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A Bridgerton Actor Implied He's Leaving Netflix

The Featherington sisters and their husbands were among the best parts of Bridgerton Season 3 (I said what I said!) but it looks like at least one of them...might not return for the show's fourth season? At least based on a cryptic Instagram post.

Before you fully spiral, nothing's been confirmed quite yet. But Lorn Macdonald, who plays Albion Finch (aka Philippa Featherington's green flag husband) hopped onto Instagram with a mysterious post that fans think is a goodbye.

"Albion Finch," Lorn started the post. "What started off with cheese and a sneeze became a character I deeply care about. Huge thanks to everyone who made this a job I'll never forget and to all the fans showing your love for this weird little dude. It means a lot. And to my Philippa. @harriet.cains. My partner in crime. It's been real. Bless you."

I mean...this definitely sounds like a goodbye to Albion. Plus, Lorn used "Don't You (Forget About Me)" by Simple Minds to soundtrack the post, which 😭. Meanwhile, Netflix's official Bridgerton account posted "stunning" along with a heart in the comments, which is cryptic to say the least.

Obviously, next season of Bridgerton won't be focusing on Penelope now that she and Colin have their happy ending, so guess it kinda makes sense that her family would take a backseat. But still, this would be a major bummer—the Featherington sisters and their husbands are everything!

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