Borla Will Sell You a Kit to Make Your EV Sound Like a V-8 Muscle Car

borla mustang mach e sound
Borla Will Make Your EV Sound Like a V8 Muscle CarHoonigan Bonus - YouTube

One of the main reasons enthusiasts have a tough time getting behind electric vehicles is the lack of sound. Electric motors barely make any noise, and when they do, they're a far cry from the wailing ICE exhausts we know and love. Aftermarket exhaust manufacturer Borla is attempting to fix that problem through a kit that turns silence into your favorite V-8 muscle cars.

Shelby American was the first to approach Borla with the request for a high-performance aftermarket exhaust sound, according to Car and Driver. The kit itself consists of a speaker that mounts under the car towards the rear paired to an amplifier. There's a wiring harness and a digital processor that connects to the car's CANbus system to sync the pedal to the sound. There's also an app that controls the whole module. The system is on display right now at SEMA installed in a Shelby-fied Mustang Mach-E, and a sound clip of the simulated exhaust can be heard in the video above.

Borla told Car and Driver the install takes about as long as a normal aftermarket ICE exhaust system would take. Currently, operators can choose between three different exhaust notes: Ford Mustang Shelby GT500, Chevy Camaro, or C8 Corvette. But more sounds are coming. "We're working with a synthesizer company right now to come up with notes that have nothing to do with internal combustion," VP of sales and marketing David Borla told Car and Driver.

We're not entirely sure what to think of this, as it's all just fake sound anyway. But fake is better than nothing, right? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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